Mr. Yin Yang Feng Shui video course 21 episodes

Mr. Yin Yang Feng Shui Video Course 21 episodes total 15.08G

The course is a coherent teaching with grave break, passing yin and yang, dragon and tiger eight houses, Yang Gong three together, tomb theory pick up zero, theory plus practice, the road to simplicity, straight to the source.
Learning content.
A: Yin and Yang house foundation
1: He Tu Luo Shu, eight trigrams and nine palaces
2: dragon point sand and water to, wind and air shape bureau transport
3: people in the house, six relatives positioning
4: the application of tools (compass, Lu Ban ruler, Ding Lan ruler)
Two: yin and yang house speed break techniques
1: all kinds of yang house quick break techniques
(parents, marriage, disease and injury, work and career, official disaster and prison, wealth, car accidents, financial ruin, children and grandchildren, six relatives, etc.)
2: Yin house quick break techniques (mountain, plain, Ping Yang, Ping Yang, cemetery)
Yin house over three levels (break male and female graves, cause of death, age of death)
The rise and fall of the house (which house to send and which house to lose, go out and join the family, send foreign branches, etc.)
The fortune of the people (the prosperity of the people, the death of a few short life, widows and orphans)
Wealthy and poor (out of the official out of the rich, should be poor should be low)
Family style (adultery, disobedience, brotherly disharmony, etc.)
Children and grandchildren fame (literary and martial arts, entertainers, family and country)
Criminal injury, prison, tongue and cheek, car accidents, blood, surgery, disease
Coffin collapse into the water, alien into the coffin, coffin on the coffin, etc.
Psychosis, suicide, hanging, accidental death, etc.
Three: Yin and Yang town breaking techniques
1: Six things can be solved:
Marriage, car disaster, blood, knife and weapon injury, financial loss, disease, official disaster, jail, villain, etc.
2: Talisman to break
To break the yin base unrest
To break the evil death barrier
Break the White Dragon Pass
Break the White Tiger Eating Ancestor Pass
Break the Yin Sword Ruthless Pass
Town break the five ghosts deceive the grave off
Town break the damage to the ding and hurt the son pass
Break the White Cloth Pass
Zhen break the plough head off (Yin house by the evil master under the town object)
Four: yin and yang layout techniques
1: promote Ding, promote wealth, promote marriage, promote official, Cui Wenchang.
2: peach blossom bureau, five ghosts fortune bureau, seven stars robbery bureau.
3: yin and Yang Shengji (Yang House Shengji, Shanchuan Shengji)

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