《Feng shui of yin house with dragon search and acupuncture points》 aka 《Feng shui geography of yin house》 Phase 1 General 30 lessons Jiangxi Feng shui master teacher Mr. Lin Gufa form home advanced geography research center

《Feng shui of yin house with dragon search and acupuncture points》 aka 《Feng shui geography of yin house》 Phase 1 General 30 lessons Jiangxi Feng shui master teacher Mr. Lin Ancient Law Form Family Advanced Geography Research Center


《Feng shui of yin house with dragon and acupuncture points》 Total 84.65G
This video lesson is taught by Jiangxi feng shui master teacher Lin. The ancient method form family advanced geography research center. Lecture content style respects the ancient law, faithful to the ancient law, and not stick to the ancient law, rigid ancient law, big h to eliminate part of the superstition, wrong views, useless views, while putting forward a lot of scientific and objective, practical, efficient, accurate, and little-known skills

Dragon point search course outline
Lesson 1: the principles of feng shui, role, attention, schools, recognize the various dragons, five stars, nine stars, the location of the node
Lesson 2: the meaning of the nine stars, six cases of famous emperors and generals, the focus of Yang Gong Feng Shui, true dragon points and sand and water points
Lesson 3: The five elements, common and different points of Yang and Yin houses, Bagua, 24 mountains, empty death, tomb testing, Ming
The hall, the seclusion of the miao and the gold difference, the direction of attention, the ten paths of the heart of heaven, the gate of heaven, the earth, the water mouth
The breakage in the punch, hiding the wind and gathering the qi, the dragon building treasure hall.
Lesson 4 is about the ideal feng shui pattern, Taizu Mountain, Shaozu Mountain, Parent Mountain, Dragon Vein, Protecting Mountain, Case Mountain, Chaoshan Mountain, Shuikou Sand.
official star, ghost star, fowl star, Luo star, Taiji halo, secluded mu five-color earth is the true point of the saying, five not mossy land, dragon god ten
fierce, subdivision of dragon species, ancient fierce of dragon.
Lesson 5 talks about the thirteen methods of pointing, knowledge of the compass, and usage of the compass.
Lesson 6 is about old and young dragons, true and false, length, male and female, head and tail, strength and weakness, life and death, good and bad, details of old and young dragons, details of
The plain dragon.
Lesson 7 is about the method of finding the real dragon, the characteristics of the real dragon, the attitude, the name of the place and the shape of the dragon, the plain to find the real dragon.
Lesson 8 is about the comparison of long and short dragons, the comparison of male and female dragons, the comparison of energy size of various dragons
Lesson 9 is about the life and death of dragons, detailing dragon hair, dragon skin, dragon flesh, dragon bone, dragon blood, dragon tendons
Lesson 10 is about the luck of the dragon, secluded miao seventy-two dragon luck, dragon species, over the gorge, balance, Luoshu, Houtian Bagua, detailed
The influence of dragon qi on the ancient and evil points;
Lesson 11 on the gorges, details of the success or failure of the gorges, details of the collapse of the flood, gorges and the relationship between the location of the cave field and orientation.
Lesson 12 on the relationship between the dragon head, the dragon tail, the dragon head, the dragon tent, the dragon point, the nest point, the pincer point, the sudden point, the breast point;
Lesson 13 on the water mouth, details of the five stars to guard the water mouth, the water mouth of the good and bad judgment
Lesson 14 on the application of the Dragon and Tiger sand, a detailed description of the Dragon and Tiger ancient fierce, look at the 囯 around the law and customs to understand the true meaning of Feng Shui.
Lesson 15 on the Mingtang, detailing the auspiciousness of the Mingtang, the relationship between the Mingtang and the cave field
Lesson 16 on ghost star, details of horizontal dragon ghost star, oblique dragon ghost star, straight dragon ghost star, the auspiciousness of the ghost star judgment
Lesson 17 is about the official star, and the auspiciousness of the official star;
Lesson 18 will be about the star of the Flare, and the auspiciousness of the star of the Flare;
The 19th lesson is about Avian star, Land Avian star, Falling River Avian star, Amphibious Avian star, and the auspiciousness of Avian star;
Lesson 20 is on the Mountains, the types of Mountains, and the auspiciousness of the Mountains;
Lecture 21 on Zhuque and Xuanxu, details on the auspiciousness of Zhuque, details on the auspiciousness of Xuanwu
Class 22 on water law, sea water, river water, lake water, river water, pond water, stream water, ditch water, farm water, drip wet water
Lesson 23 on water, water from the back, water from the left and right, water from the side, water from the front, water from above,
Water gathering Mingtang
Lesson 24 lectures on various kinds of water of great fortune
Lesson 25 on various kinds of water that is evil and not ancient
Lesson 26 on the eleven methods of pointing and proving points
Lesson 27 on the survey cave field to be objective, detailed five-star corroboration judgment cave field after the character, work, health, should period
Lesson 28 on the case of famous graves and caves, Xiang Yu ancestral land, Liu Bang ancestral land, Tao Kan ancestral land;
Lesson 29 is about famous graves and cave fields, Xiao He ancestral land, Guan Yu ancestral land, Zhang Fei ancestral land;
Lesson 30: Famous cemetery cases, Li Ling ancestral land, Li Bai ancestral land, Sun Yat-sen ancestral land

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