《Yang House Feng Shui Geography》 Jiangxi Ancient Form Family Advanced Geography Research Center Total 20 lessons

《Yang House Feng Shui Geography》 This video is produced by the Jiangxi Ancient Law Form Family Advanced Geography Research Center. Recorded content from the shallow to the deep, from the selection of land planning, to the prediction of diagnosis, and finally to the layout to promote wealth and luck.

《The first phase of Feng Shui Geography of Yang Residence》 20 lessons in total 47.61G

Yang house feng shui geography》
This video lesson by the Jiangxi ancient law shape family advanced geography research center. Recorded content from shallow to deep, from the selection of land planning, to the prediction of diagnosis, and finally to the layout of the wealth and luck, the system is complete to withstand the test of practice

Yang house feng shui first phase \”feng shui must become\” course outline

The first lesson on the school of feng shui, the meaning of learning feng shui, the characteristics of Yang house feng shui, outdoor and indoor methods of measuring the direction of sitting

The next compass to determine the origin, orientation, eight trigrams, twenty-four mountains, the five elements, the compass view usage, according to the location of the geographical division of Yang house types

Influence Yang house auspiciousness to take into account the dragon point sand and water to people industry and time factors;

The second lesson: the influence of the dragon on the yang house, lucky dragon, evil dragon, real dragon, strong dragon, raw dragon, smooth dragon, into the dragon, weak dragon, dead dragon

reverse dragon retreat dragon, too ancestral mountain, less ancestral mountain, parental mountain, five star peak, star peak phase, fierce dragon into the first, lucky dragon into the first

Lesson 3: Lecture on the choice of site, dragon potential, sand and water, lighting, soil quality, balance of yin and yang, harmony of yin and yang, awareness of sand and water types, types of Yang houses by use, birth house, self-built house, temporary housing, public house, urban floor auspiciousness;

Lesson 4: the impact of sand and water on the Yang house, the positioning of the human line, male and female birth times algorithm, focus on the eight words twenty-four mountains have water auspicious or foul judgment recipe

The fifth lesson: the eight palace twenty-four mountains have water auspicious or foul judgment recipe; the sixth lesson on the opening of the door to the direction, practical, get the order, the sand, water, the auspicious gas, Ming Hall, three yuan nine transport, prosperous God, nourishing God, shine God

The seventh lesson: the impact of people on the Yang house, different people ranking, zodiac, more straight, temperament, cultivation on the impact of feng shui

Lesson 8: different sand and water environment on different industries; Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Xuanwu, Gou Chen, Teng Snake; the same row of buildings and stores of good and bad break;

The ninth lesson is about the influence of time on Yang house, indirectness, auxiliary, inference and prediction, composition of time, five elements, heavenly stem, earthly

Branch, flow year flow month flow day flow time, should be clear, should be fulfilled, large things small things, living things dead things, distance, store sand and water views;

Lesson 10: Hong Bagua Gua gas, labor, Yin, longevity, said, son, obscene, wealth, twelve branches of the human body organs, Bagua human organs, should be the type of disease, should be in whom;

The eleventh lesson on the proportion of the influence of the outer and inner bureau, the principles of the inner bureau operation, to and for the precious, auspicious party to do auspicious things, fierce party to do fierce

The following are the principles of the inner board, the principle of harmony, the auspicious side for auspicious matters, the unfavorable side for unfavorable matters, the greedy wolf, the wuqu, the giant gate, the lucun, the wenqu, the lianzhen, the broken army, the left auxiliary, the right porridge, the yannian, the angry, the sky

Medical, Fuzhi, Destiny, Five Ghosts, Six Deadly, Scourge, and the Great Tour of the Year;

The twelfth lesson is about the feng shui view of the back door and side door, auspicious water, auspicious gas, through the hall, oblique door, backward, fallen and other kinds of door understanding;

Lesson 13: Lecture on the feng shui view of the master bedroom, the phase of life and support, the reconciliation of yin and yang, the eight doors and eight main auspicious judgments and methods to resolve

Lesson 14: The feng shui view of the kitchen stove, the door of the main stove, the harmonization of Yin and Yang, the system of the stove, take the number, and the god of peace;

Lesson 15: the feng shui view of the bathroom toilet, role, nature, image, settings, folklore, awareness of the different toilet feng shui, toilet inauspicious solution

Lesson 16: Feng Shui views on windows and balconies, their role, nature, image, settings and numbers, recognizing different kinds of window feng shui, and the solution to window misfortune

Lesson 17: about the feng shui views, role, nature, image, setting of the cashier cabinet, recognize the different cashier Feng Shui

Lesson 18: Lecture on the feng shui view, role, nature, image and setting of the bed, and recognize the feng shui of various bed positions;

Lesson 19: Lecture on the common exterior of Yang house, such as the Sky Brakes, Heart Brakes, Vermilion Bird Brakes, Centipede Brakes, Flying Eaves Brakes, White Tiger Brakes, etc., sand brakes, water brakes, light brakes, sound brakes and brakes; the placement of tall and short furniture, commonly used flash furniture;

Lesson 20: The steps and methods of judging the good and bad feng shui of Yang house. Five steps, eight directions, total and, when the order, home master, door master stove; example analysis of 7 Yang house cases.

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