Qing Lan hexagrams theory class 20 episodes practical class 20 episodes trigram examples class 25 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/10/22B10116. Qing Lan hexagrams theory, hexagram examples, practical lessons
Gua Example Lesson 25 episodes
2021.06.29 Trigram Examples.mp4 121.60M
2021.07.06 Example.mp4 360.91M
2021.07.09 Example.mp4 335.56M
2021.07.16 Example.mp4 149.09M
2021.08.03 Example.mp4 184.44M
2021.08.06 Example.mp4 182.41M
2021.08.10 Example.mp4 169.02M
2021.08.13.mp4 184.86M
2021.08.16-2.mp4 103.47M
2021.08.16.mp4 64.25M
2021.08.20.mp4 171.63M
2021.08.23.mp4 186.64M
2021.09.10.mp4 146.44M
2021.09.13 (2).mp4 146.44M
2021.09.13.mp4 148.38M
2021.09.24 (2).mp4 146.44M
2021.09.24.mp4 168.55M
2021.09.27 (2).mp4 146.44M
2021.09.27(1).mp4 164.83M
2021.6.22 Example.mp4 378.48M
2021.6.25 Example.mp4 320.47M
2021.7.13 Example.mp4 358.30M
2021.7.20.mp4 135.77M
2021.7.27 Example.mp4 154.94M
Taobao seeking money female and male measuring marriage static trigram example.mp4 320.73M
Theory class 20 episodes
00 Review Class.mp4 236.29M
01. The Gods of Use, the mind.mp4 163.26M
02. Solo Hair Solo Quiet.mp4 134.83M
03. Jing Gua.mp4 115.85M
04. Six Gods, Divine Furies.mp4 139.78M
05. 爻位,三刑.mp4 152.05M
06. Chang Sheng (1).mp4 124.62M
07. Twelve Longevity (2).mp4 113.53M
08. The Sixth Flush and the Sixth Harmony: Returning the Soul to the Soul.mp4 122.81M
09. The world is moving and the world is using the ghost.mp4 163.50M
10. Marriage Gua_20210627_171354.mp4 137.95M
11. Marriage Trigram.mp4 137.95M
12. Marriage Trigram_20210704_203928.mp4 174.42M
13. Fortune Class_20210704_204901.mp4 428.45M
14. Career_20210704_203213.mp4 113.89M
15. Exam_20210704_203428.mp4 91.81M
16. Fertility_20210824_161524.mp4 140.31M
17. Fertility and Childbirth Class Continued, Lineage Human.mp4 146.72M
18. Disease Class.mp4 142.07M
19. Timelessness, official litigation.mp4 125.38M
20. Lost and Found.mp4 139.99M
Practical Classes 20 episodes
01. Six Relatives Conversion.mp4 158.91M
02. Six Parent Conversions (2).mp4 198.74M
03. Special Patterns.mp4 198.74M
04. Determining True Intent.mp4 149.34M
05. A line of multiple signs.mp4 123.41M
06. Judgment of Spiritual Questions.mp4 213.50M
07. Comparative Detail Judgment.mp4 138.03M
08. Blocking.mp4 85.19M
09. Blocking (II).mp4 66.62M
10. The impulse-impulse-action combination.mp4 167.05M
11..mp4 191.79M
13. Crossing.mp4 198.45M
14. Opposite information of the punch combination.mp4 34.04M
15. Yearly Luck Gua.mp4 131.78M
16. Solution.mp4 215.29M
17. Horoscope Class.mp4 145.00M
18. Lifetime Class.mp4 99.30M
19. Personality Analysis.mp4 116.10M
20. Personality Analysis 2.mp4 126.17M

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