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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/10/22B10148. Shu Han takes you into I Ching practice in 90 days (finished)
Lessons 61-65 side business lessons
1 Preparation for Zhou Yi Realization of Vice Business ①.ts 45.31M
2 The Launch of Zhou Yi Realization ②.ts 48.91M
3 Price Setting for Zhou Yi Side Business ③.ts 50.56M
4 Zhou Yi Personal Branding ④.ts 53.01M
5 My Path and Reflections on the Zhou Yi ⑤.ts 47.09M
Lesson 66 – Structure Overview
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Lesson 01: The academic origin and transmission of Zhou Yi.mp4 47.26M
Lesson 02: Zhou Yi Practical General Basics.mp4 97.31M
Lesson 03: The Fundamentals of Meihua Yi.mp4 68.90M
Lesson 04: Gua Xiang Changes in Mei Hua Yi.mp4 73.83M
Lesson 05: Using two words to start a trigram to break the trigram.mp4 84.53M
Lesson 06: the plum and borrowing examples — how to use the combination of life experience to break the trigram?.mp4 105.00M
Lesson 07: common methods of divination — how to use the numbers seen to straight section of the auspicious?.mp4 102.52M
Lesson 08: Hetu Luoshu and Houtian Bagua.mp4 92.10M
Lesson 09: the common method of Houtian divination.mp4 101.14M
Lesson 10: Analysis of the eight trigrams of all things.mp4 56.38M
Lesson 11: The classification of the Meifa Yiqi to test.mp4 101.00M
Lesson 12: The use of the external application of the plum blossom heart easy.ts 212.91M
Lesson 13: hexagrams and row of trigrams.ts 212.44M
Lesson 13: hexagrams row (additional content).ts 119.24M
Lesson 14: The basic logic of hexagrams.ts 200.65M
Lesson 15: the role of the hexagrams relationship detailed.ts 224.63M
Lesson 16: the Liu Yao of luck and foul analysis methods.ts 195.22M
Lesson 17: Liu Yao of the gain or loss analysis method.ts 217.20M
Lesson 18: Liu Yao of practical case studies.ts 208.56M
Lesson 19: The basic principles of feng shui.ts 230.90M
Lesson 20: Housing Fate and Dissolution.ts 206.48M
Lesson 21: The Selection and Conditioning of Shops.ts 222.04M
Lesson 22: Internal and external environment and building selection.ts 204.96M
Lesson 23: Risk Adjustment for House Type Deficient Corners.ts 193.75M
Lesson 24: Feng Shui taboos in the living room with windows and doors.ts 220.33M
Lesson 25: Feng Shui in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.ts 209.69M
Lesson 26: Using Feng Shui to help your child study for exams.ts 216.79M
Lesson 27: Feng Shui Compass Practical Content Explained.ts 223.67M
Lesson 28: Practical Applications of the Feng Shui Compass.ts 203.06M
Lesson 29: The Eight Auspicious Stars of the Eight Mansions.ts 213.72M
Lesson 30: The fortune of the year and the fortune of the eight house directions.ts 222.40M
Lesson 31: The home adjustment of the flying stars.ts 172.50M
Lesson 32: Feng Shui in the Modern Office.ts 188.95M
Lesson 33: Feng Shui for office prosperity and business.ts 215.52M
Lesson 34: The Great Trend of Time and Future Direction.ts 204.87M
Lesson 35: The Fundamentals of the Eight Character Numerology.ts 189.49M
Lesson 36: Judgment of the nature of the Heavenly Stem of the Day Master.ts 204.68M
Lesson 36: Judgment of the nature of the Heavenly Stems of the Day Master_1.ts 204.68M
Lesson 37: The relationship between the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.ts 187.93M
Lesson 37: The Relation of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches_1.ts 187.93M
Lesson 38: The relationship between the ten gods and the nature.ts 200.60M
Lesson 39: How to judge the pattern of the eight characters.ts 177.50M
Lesson 40: Determining the Strength and Weakness of the Day Master.ts 159.24M
Lesson 41: The Selection of the Favourable and Unfavourable Gods.ts 163.36M
Lesson 42: Judgment of the fortune of the lucky and unlucky.ts 189.11M
Lesson 43: Judgment of the Year of the Current Year and its Favors and Disadvantages.ts 179.93M
Lesson 44: Judgment of academic and examination fortune.ts 188.54M
Lesson 45: How to analyze career fortune.ts 217.47M
Lesson 46: Classification and Analysis of Financial Luck.ts 150.69M
Lesson 47: Judging the fortunes of relationships and marriage.ts 192.09M
Lesson 48: Judging the information of relatives in numerology.ts 197.10M
Lesson 49: Hints on illness and official misfortunes.ts 177.80M
Lesson 50: The directional mediation in numerology.ts 192.07M
Lesson 51: The Basics of Names.ts 205.03M
Lesson 52: The eight characters and the use of names.ts 200.42M
Lesson 53: Calculating the good and bad fortune of names.ts 215.29M
Lesson 54: Choosing a name according to its sound, shape and meaning.ts 203.38M
Lesson 55: The process of naming and practical methods.ts 214.91M
Lesson 56: Basic Principles of Face Reading.ts 211.40M
Lesson 57: Facial Astrology: The View of the Eyebrows and Eyes.ts 206.96M
Lesson 58: Facial physiognomy of the ear, nose and cheek.ts 227.71M
Lesson 59: Face reading of the mouth, teeth and voice.ts 120.76M
Lesson 60: Real Life Facing and Systematic Reading of People.ts 207.97M

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