Six nones divine lesson Taoist Xuanji door secret transmission big six nones decision making 61 lectures complete version Meng Zixiang

Six nones divine lesson Taoist Xuanji door secret transmission of the big six nones decision-making 61 lectures complete Meng Zixiang total 191 pages

Laozi cloud: the Tao gives birth to one, one life, two, two, three, three things.

Dongzi said: three paintings and transported in which is called the king, three horizontal person heaven and earth and people, a vertical person in the middle, participate and pass also. Confucius said: through three for the king, the word non and the word king, why is different? The difference is that the word king three pictures are the same, the word non three pictures are different ears

Non for Yang water, water, one six innate number. Non for Yang water, is the source of life, for the fundamental, for the Taoist art. Above the word non, an oblique drawing symbolizes the sky tilting southwest and the earth sinking southeast, and another oblique drawing is water, which is the heavenly opportunity to leak down and has the virtue of fertility and moistening. A long horizontal in the middle is horizontal space, and a short and thick horizontal below symbolizes the earth, thick virtue, carrying fertility of all things and not fighting, and a vertical in the middle is through the ancient and modern, through the three talents of heaven, earth and human, and can achieve the Tao through integration.

Non for a six innate water, the release of innate secrets, the sky is a lifetime of water, five earth, water for the bloodline of all things, earth for the foundation of all things. Water number one, earth number five together as six. Therefore, it is called six nones; so the scholar of nones, detailed preparation of the three talents, the law was circumstantial, to astronomical correspondence of personnel, is also the study of immortals

The first meaning is not the size of the big, it is the word of praise for the academic profoundness of the six nones, nothing can be covered, nothing can be measured, and no measurement is inaccurate

Secondly, the big one is also the Tao. Laozi Tao Te Ching Chapter 25 has a cloud: \”There are things mixed into the first heaven and earth, silent and few, independent and unchanged, circumambulation and not dangerous, can be the mother of heaven and earth. I do not know its name, the word is called the Tao, strong for the name is big.\” Here we can see that the great, and the Tao refers to a common, but the name is different.

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