Zhang Zheming’s Explanation of Xuan Kong Yang House

Zhang Zheming’s “Xuankong Yangzhai Explanation” PDF e-book download. Brief introduction The study of geomancy is the posthumous letter of the ancient sages. It is blamed by the world, rich and honored, and has a direct relationship. The rest of my life is willing to do good deeds, and I am obliged to teach people, guide people to avoid evil, and examine its origin. Since Fuxi created the hexagram until now, it has gone through countless For thousands of years, there have been many works written by sages and sages. Before the author learned the Xuankong Dagua of Jiang’s true biography, he had studied with many teachers.

Zhang Zheming’s “Xuankong Yangzhai Explanation” PDF e-book download.


The study of geomancy is the suicide note of the ancient sages. It has been thousands of years since Fuxi created the hexagrams. There are many works written by sages and sages. Before the author learned the Xuankong hexagrams of Jiang’s true biography, he studied with many teachers. It is a pity that the enumeration is only written by the former sages, the statement is too deep, and it is difficult for scholars to get started, resulting in valuable treasures that have been lost but not revealed. I have learned profound knowledge and experiences so as not to lose them. This time I compiled Xuankong’s “Yangzhai Chanwei” book B. After more experience, I deeply feel that this book is based on the Heluo principle. The abstract is not only rich in content, but also easy to understand. Deep, vivid, difficult to easy, full of secrets, it is indeed a rare treasure, and it is actually the secret book of man’s study of Yangzhai. I pray that there are scholars who are willing to study this way, keep improving, carry forward, and benefit the people together. The society will be very lucky. Qiu’s family Fortunately, so I don’t hesitate to repeat the words, but there is a book.

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