Yin Rutong’s “Kanyu Xuankong Dagua Profound Meaning Collection and Explanation” Volume 2

Yin Rutong’s “Ganyu Xuankong Dagua Profound Meaning Collection” Volume 2 PDF e-book download. Brief introduction Geography, yin and yang, Fengshui have existed since ancient times. The river produces pictures, and Luo produces books; Fuxi looks up and down, measures the river picture and draws the inborn gossip. The sages of later generations have their own evolutions; it is based on the azimuth map of Fuxi’s eight trigrams, the sequence map of Fuxi’s eight trigrams, and the sequence of Fuxi’s sixty-four hexagrams.

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Geography, yin and yang, Fengshui have existed since ancient times. The river produces pictures, and Luo produces books; Fuxi looks up and down, measures the river picture and draws the inborn gossip. All the sages of later generations had their own evolutions; the azimuth map of Fuxi’s eight trigrams, the sequence map of Fuxi’s eight trigrams, the sequence map of Fuxi’s sixty-four hexagrams, and the azimuth map of Fuxi’s sixty-four hexagrams all came from Shao Zi’s family. Gai Shao got it from Li Zhicai, who got it from Uncle Mu Xiu, who got it from Huashan Chen Xiyi? The climax of innate learning also. As for the sequence diagram of King Wen’s gossip, and the azimuth map of King Wen’s gossip, Shaozi said: This gossip of King Wen is for use, and it is also learned from the day after tomorrow. Going back from Kongming and Liu Xin in the Han Dynasty to Chen Xiyi, Shao Zikangjie, Huang Shigong, Zhang Liang, Chisongzi, Guo Pu, Yang Junsong, Zeng Wendi, Liu Jiangdong, Liao Yu, Lai Buyi, Jiang Dahong, Zeng Yishan, Liu Bowen, Zeng Lianshan and others Gong, passed down from generation to generation by oral instruction, never made public, and became the secret of Xuankong Dagua. The ancient sages occasionally wrote books such as Qingnang Jing, Qingnang Preface, Qingnang Austrian Language, Tianyu Jing, Du Tianbaozhao Jing, etc., which are also secret, and their meaning is extremely profound. sense of meaning. Later generations have different annotations, and there is no consensus; I will explain in detail from the secrets learned by the master and the experience of experiments in his life; he will also collect the specious theories of Xuankong from various schools, and record them in books for comparison. It is named as: “Collection of Profound Meanings of Kanyu Xuankong Dagua.” Readers study the annotations of various schools in this book, and they can distinguish which is true and which is false. However, the big hexagram of Xuankong changes in thousands of ways, and those who can intersect yin and yang will be endless, so there are many patterns; those with four patterns, the positioning of heaven and earth, the ventilation of mountains and marshes, the thinning of thunder and wind, and the incompatibility of fire and water. There are eight patterns, the dry mountain stems toward the water toward the dry, the top of the dry peak, the Kunshan Kun flows toward the Kun, the wealth is endless; the Maoshanmao toward the Mao water source, suddenly richer than Shi Chong; The general town borders; the rest of Sungen and Youzi, the same goes for mountains and rivers. The four major configurations and the eight major configurations are called the undefeated situation of the Three Yuans; this is different from what Shi Shi said about the Xuan Kong Nine Stars Flying Method, which has only been issued for 20 years and will be defeated when it expires. There are three hexagram patterns for east and west parents, one hexagram for Jiangdong, one hexagram for Jiangxi, and one hexagram for north and south parents. Those who have the three-element hexagram pattern have one hexagram for Tianyuan, one hexagram for human element, and one hexagram for earth element. There are those who do not have a place in the eight trigrams in the hexagrams, and those who go back to the water and follow the same way, the same luck method, the method of walking together, the method of staring at the stars, the method of joining ten, and the method of couples on the same road. Those who have the mentality of zero upright fighting against the sky, the upright spirit should go up the mountain, and the zero spirit should go down to the water. There is also the method of only the mountain only facing the water zero, the method of seven stars robbing, the method of city gates, the method of overturning the sky, the method of five-element generation and transformation, the junction of two ceremonies, the junction of two palaces, the method of avoiding chaos and disasters, and the method of borrowing from the treasury. Kufa. Borrowing from the treasury to get rich and then poor, from the library to Changchun. Although there are many spells, the principle is the same, and they are all born from the Xuankong Gua. The above formulas and formulas are not available to ordinary masters; therefore, Yang Gongyun said: “The earth-shaking opposites are different, and the secret lies in Xuankong.” ”Zeng Gongyun: “Yang Gong’s old age decides male and female, and all books in the world are different. 』What he said is conclusive, and there are signs of faith. The way of geography is related to the great fortune and misfortune of life. In order to fear that the teacher will misrepresent the truth and cause harm to future generations, he pretends to be a book to distinguish the truth. The author, in the 54th year of the Republic of China, wrote a detailed explanation of the secrets of the Sanyuan Geography Lectures, published 20,000 volumes, distributed it by himself, and sold it to bookstores. In a few years, it was not only sold in various parts of the province, but also sold in various countries around the world. Its sales are so wide. rose. This book has long been sold out, and I didn’t want to reprint it, but there are still many letters from readers asking for the book, and I have received letters from various bookstores to cope with it. Therefore, the original manuscript was reprinted the year before last to meet the needs of readers. This book is closely related to this book and can be used as a reference for mutual confirmation, so it is mentioned here together. Before that, I received letters from readers from all walks of life urging Yu to write various new books on Feng Shui, but Yu Yi did not mention the writers for a long time, only because of public and private affairs. I have no choice but to compile a collection of interpretations of Kanyu Xuankong’s big hexagrams and profound meanings in my busy schedule. I take a moment to write some every day, and the accumulation will make more. By the winter of Guihai, the manuscript is finally completed; it is rushed to the press, and leaks are inevitable, but Wang Hai It is very fortunate that the sages inside and outside will benefit and correct him.

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