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Lu Wenyi’s “Lv Wenyi Liuyao Forecasting” 609-page PDF e-book download. (Please refer to the screenshot below for the clarity of the content) The introduction is constantly flourishing and declining, no need for birth and restraint, no need for gods and evil spirits, only use the relationship between the hexagrams and lines of “Xing Chong combined with the change of the tomb library”, rigorous logical inferences; no heavenly stems, no hexagrams, no lines Words, no yao position, no hexagram body, only talk about “Gua Yao three levels of energy

Lv Wenyi’s “Lv Wenyi Liuyao Forecasting” 609-page PDF e-book download. (Please refer to the screenshot below for the clarity of the content)


Continuous prosperity and decline, no need for Shengke, no need for Shensha, only use “Xing Chong The relationship between hexagrams and yaos in the tomb library of “healing the tomb” is rigorously logically deduced; it does not use heavenly stems, hexagram words, line words, line positions, and body of hexagrams. It only talks about the relationship of “three levels of energy in hexagrams and lines” to confirm the relationship between active and passive. Yao; no need for experience, no comprehension, no flickering, only according to the “principles of daily life” to distinguish “seeking point” to take the four values of God and take the main thing; do not use philosophical routines and quack routines to interpret hexagrams and yao Fooling people, only using “the relationship between the main god and the central god” to accurately judge the success or failure of the measured personnel; do not write an empty theory, do not write a wrong theory, all are naked truth reproductions, all are direct and precise logic assertion. Don’t study the absurd personnel forecasting items that “the hexagram method completely violates the fundamental principle of six-line forecasting”, as long as it is a personnel forecast that conforms to the essential principle of six-line forecasting, simply use the ”time system” The accuracy rate of judging the success or failure of good or bad will not be lower than 97%. If combined with “external response”, 100% accurate qualitative prediction is not a problem.

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