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Lai Wenjun’s “Reminding Officials” Vernacular Explanation 63-page PDF e-book download. Brief Introduction “Reminding Officials” is the realization of Lai Gongqiong’s lifelong painstaking efforts. It is a mysterious secret of geography and geomantic omen. Zhang Jiuyi’s “The Truth Through the Heart” mentioned the content of “Reminding Officials” many times;

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“Reminding Officials” is the realization of Lai Gongqiong’s lifelong painstaking efforts. It is the mysterious secret of geography and geomantic omen. Zhang Jiuyi’s “The Truth Through the Heart” repeatedly mentioned the content of “Reminding Officials”; He Lingtong’s “Spiritual City Essence” also used the principle of “Reminding Officials”; ” used the principle of “Reminding Officials” many times; Xu Shanshu and Xu Shanxu’s “Geography and People’s Notes” also used the principles of “Reminding Officials”; Liu Bowen’s “Kanyu Manxing” also used the principles of “Reminding Officials”, All geography masters have learned and used the geography truths and principles of “Reminding Officials”, so Lai Gong is a well-deserved Fengshui master admired by future generations! “Reminding Officials” shows the richness, the poor, the poor, the poor, the sickness, the drowning, the longevity and other life styles in Fengshui.

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Original text: Urging the officials to be the first Emperor Dragon, Bolong is replaced by Tianshidong, Shaowei Yang rotates to Zuoguan Bureau, Lianzhen rises from Zufeng Chongchong, Youguan Lianzhen descends to Shudu, transforms Tai Yidongnanxiong, the acupoint is used to take the Yangshu and Bingqi, or the acupoint is more affected by the Tianhuang Palace. Ziweiyuan at the North Pole of Zhongtian is facing the land of Hai, and it is the most respected emperor of heaven, so it is also standing directly south. In addition, the four nobles face nobles when facing Bing, Yin virtues face Geng and martial arts, Wu Shangshu writes when facing Sunda, Tianyi faces Xin and prospers longevity, eight grains face Gen and becomes rich, Si Ming faces earthquakes and makes wealth, Dali faces Ding and prospers, and people This Hailong is the most expensive. The seat of Yuandi in Tianshi City of Dongfu is facing Gendi, and the Si Lu lives in Ding. People, boats, carts, and buckets are weighed against hardships and riches, this is the most expensive of Genlong. Dui was Xiye Shaoweiyuan, the official office of the emperor of heaven, and the kings and princes were noble when they came to Ding, the three young men were rich when they were near Gen, the tigers were close to earthquakes and martial arts, the Taishi was close to Bing to write, and Changping was close to Xun to make money. Duilong is also expensive. Therefore, those who enter the head of Haigen, and those who participate in Dui Xun are all the dragons of the auspicious, and it is not easy to get. He who likes the ancestor Lianzhen, Lianzhen Zhenye, is the origin of the emperor, and the birth of all things, which means endless life. Since he became the ancestor, the aura of the four dragons has become more and more prosperous. Since the prince is established, he must live there, and he can guard the ancestral temple when he comes out in front of the east palace. He is the master of the country, just like this. For the Zuoguan game, it is pushed from the acupoint reverse to the yang game of Zu Shunzhuan. The right gate is the Yin bureau that pushes from the Zushun to the acupoint retrograde. Vernacular solution: Tianhuanglong, that is, Hailong. Tianshi, that is, the northeast of Gen. Shaowei means the West. Yangxuan, that is, Sunda Fang. Lian Zhen is one of the nine stars, and the nine stars are Greedy Wolf, Jumen, Lu (Cun), Wen (Qu), Lian (Zhenwu, Qupo), Fu (Star), Bi (Star). Lianzhen ranks fifth, and belongs to the middle palace in the orientation, and the five elements belong to the earth. Shu Jue, Shu, here refers to Yang Shu Gen. Exchange for the West. Taiyi is Sunda. The meaning of the original text is that Hailong is the first to urge the official, and the Dragon welcomes Kun to Tianshi Genfang in the east. Extending from Gen to the west, it was changed to Xun as Zuoguan Bureau, and it was the ancestor of Lianzhen Tulong. Youguan Zhengen earth dragon rises from the ancestor, descends into Dui (you), and turns southeast to Taiyi (Xun), Binggen earth is angry, and receives the acupoint in Haigong. As mentioned in the original text, it shows that Yinlong takes Tianshihailong as the first dragon. From Haishuilong to Taizu Mountain, Genlong to Shao, Zu, Zuo to Xun Chenggen rustic. Right to Hai is also Chenggen rustic.

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