Jiang Dahong “Geography Ancient Mirror Song”

Jiang Dahong’s “Geography Ancient Mirror Song” PDF Easy to Learn Ancient Books e-book download. Introduction [Key points for distinguishing good and bad stars from the body] The five-star qi is expensive and poor, and the pattern is clear and good fortune. Duanran Zhengyao is seen by everyone, the fantasy is strange, the world is not clear, and after drunk, it is said that there are thousands of changes, and it becomes an ancient mirror and becomes stupid. Note: In this statement, the Five Elements Gua Qi is clearly distinguished, and the Five Elements

Jiang Dahong’s “Geography Ancient Mirror Song” PDF Easy to Learn Ancient Books e-book download.


[Key points for distinguishing good and bad stars] Five-star qi is expensive and poor, and the pattern is clear. Duanran Zhengyao is seen by everyone, the fantasy is strange, the world is not clear, and after drunk, it is said that there are thousands of changes, and it becomes an ancient mirror and becomes stupid. Note: The five-element hexagram aura is clearly distinguished, and the five-planetary body should also be examined. It is not necessary to obtain the three-star pattern of gold, water, soil, that is, the shape of the river bay ring, but also the three-star physique, but the correct shape is easy to measure, and the three-star physique is also required. It is difficult to understand the variant, so I will explain it in detail to realize the world. Venus is well rounded, its corners are sharp like chicken claws, and its ends are like hooks, and its body is twisted like a twist. The center is thinner, the half angle is skewed and not full, the herringbone is greedy and pointed, and the gold is afraid of being disturbed by fire. Note: This verse states that Venus is originally a beauty, but its variants are four. The big golden body is easy to become a fire, such as the corner like a chicken claw, or the end of the water bay turns like a hook, or like a herringbone greedy head In this way, it looks like a flat gold body, but it is actually a fire situation. If you distinguish it as fire, then the magic of gold can be used. The beautiful Mercury is like a jade belt, shaking its head and tail in a panic, flying obliquely into the water and looking like a fire, it is difficult to avoid harm when it comes out. The main stream of the rope is not soft and smooth, and the most evil thing is not straightening during the movement. Note: In this section, it is said that Mercury is Quaker in Pingyang, but its variants are easy to show off. As for the water that flies obliquely, it is considered the theory of fire shape, that is, it comes out of a bay and does not turn around again. The northern water body, at the area around Daguan Bay, needs to be neat and tidy to count Mercury. If it shakes its head and tail, or if the main stream is twisted like ropes, and it does not look like a dragon, it is not good in the end, and it is very good to distinguish it. The magic of Mercury works well. Saturn is called Jiage, and it needs to be discerned from a short-term perspective. The hard and short crosses the shape of the groove, and the straight and long is the birth of love. In the former Ding and Ding lived in the rear, Fangzheng was already uneven, and the rules and regulations were broken, so I hope you don’t have to sigh. Note: This verse states that Pingyang is precious to Saturn, but the variant of the soil is like a pig trough, and the straight one is like a withered wood, neither of which is good. Or the former Ding and the later Ding (Xingguang Press: These three characters are unclear, use ” ” instead, the same later.) Those who are Saturn, bury a peerless person, and identify them as evil, but the true feelings of the earth are revealed. Xing Xing is stiff and lifeless, and it is clearly earth-shaped when it turns. Fang Shanzi wears a square crown and hat, and is upright and impartial in the prefectural and county courts. Note: In this section, it is said that the Pingyang Xing Xing is the most taboo, but Xing Xing has the shape of turning into earth, or the shape of a wat board, or the shape of a screen, or the shape of the corridor in front of the yamen. Those who are short and wide are called soil, and those who are straight in the distance are generally long. There is no need to stick to the word Li, such as Zombie-like, even Li Xu is not available. Do not approach Pingyang fire body, if the fire is round, it is gold, if it is like fire, everyone should avoid it, if it is greedy and beautiful, it will invade. Different woods can be planted. Once the sharp peak pierces the center of the cave, the two waters are sandwiched into a ox horn. Liu Lang went to other places to find it. Note: This verse says that Pingyang is the most taboo of sparks, only auspicious stars are mixed into the fire situation, and those who have the least fire situation and borrow people with beauty, the old trees can still be planted, and the fire should be avoided as soon as it is seen. The water dragon was originally a dragon from a different mountain. The sharp peaks turn towards the acupoints, and the style of writing is clear and scholarly. If there is fire, gold and soil, it will naturally be honored and honored by the king. Note: In this section, it is said that Pingyang should avoid fire, and as for the masculinity of mountains, fire should be used again. Those who insert hibiscus think that Furong peak is the highest and sharpest, so it is considered auspicious. With this peak level, it is called writing, and it is also a bachelor of Lifa. Those who receive the king’s title are only honorable and should not be rigid. [Distinguish the meaning of the word-by-word usage of the twenty-four mountains] Ziwu Maoyou Tianyuan exists, the origin is long and the character is respectful, the princes and ministers have no species, and the birds become bigger when they meet. High and low officials can be judged anywhere, and they only need to face the dragon gate directly. If you get the water, the green dragon can leap, but if you lose the time and the fish dry up, you will be ungrateful. If you want to distinguish between a husband and a woman, you can only discuss the long-term and the close-up, and the short and long are more appropriate. Note: This verse says that the branches of the Four Righteousnesses are expensive when they are in time, and obscene when they are out of time. If these four people have a long history, they will naturally be acquainted with each other, just like a bird turning into a big bird. But high and low official positions can be viewed from place to place, and you can’t stick to one. The most important thing is that straightness is the most important thing. Straightness is not dead. It is called a big river and a big port. , or Xuan characters, as for the ones that cross, they are completely useless, that is, those with thin corners like wheels are wonderful in the four corners, but they are also weak in the four uprights. Probably the old ones are expensive and long-lasting, and the short ones are humble and short-lived. As for those who are unlucky and close to the male, and far away from the female, it is even more important to distinguish. The two of Ziwu have long hair, and they have been bad for a long time. Chenshu Chouwei Di Yuanguan, although the power of the bureau is still wide, the money is transported like a spring, Fu Zuo Ning Tonggu’s mouth is cold. If the heart of heaven is accidentally lost, the flesh and blood will be damaged first, and the female prostitute will steal into the night, and there are many ways to steal chickens and dogs. Note: This verse says that the branches of the four seasons will be lucky if they are lucky, and they will be hurt if they are unlucky and cheap. Press the starlight; Press a spoon to explain, the influence of the four seasons, if you have luck, you will be prosperous and blessed, and if you are not lucky, you will hurt people. The original name of Yinshen Sihai, katydid Yanqing raised children and infants, and if she was unlucky, the daughter would die first, just like a beam collapsed during sexual intercourse. Note: This verse refers to the branches of the four Mencius, which means that if you get lucky, you will promote your daughter, and if you lose your luck, you will hurt your daughter. For example, when Feng Yinshen has sex, or the rope is twisted, or the head is hooked, he must hang himself. According to the starlight; according to a spoon, the hanging beam collapses, especially in the direction of the second palace of Sihai. Qiankun Gen Xun should be parted, needless to say Qian Gen gave birth to a boy, and a Baisi male in Wanggong Palace is buried, just like the leftover son of the dead. The dry mountains and the dry streams flow to the end, and the generals are powerful and powerful on the frontier. If the Gen palace is still long and the dragon is long, there is no need to worry about starting a family and keeping a business. In the second hexagram of Xunkun, the wealthy family is in charge of the farm and wealth. If luck comes, wealth will come, and if time is lost, women will be sad. It depends on the writing and writing of Wulong, who has the blood of the wheel. Note: This verse says that the stems of the four corners, Qian Gen gave birth to men, lost luck hurt men, Kun Xun became rich, lost luck hurt women. But the dragon body with four corners is not as good as the four uprights. Spending and spending directly on the water is not beautiful, and it is not a rich man or a martial artist. According to Xingguang’s experience with a spoon, Xun Gen is lucky, if he does not give birth to a boy, he still gives birth to a girl. After testing thousands of families, all of them are the same. He must give birth to one or two daughters, and then give birth to a boy. Yixin, Dinggui, Tongzhizheng, get on the horse and urge the officials to increase their ranks. If they fail to meet this position, the talents of Luoyang will lose to Changsha. Single-handedly independent and independent, transported to the family of Baiwu, the family name, transported, transferred, and retired, all people are cheap, not just talking about slaves. Note: In this verse, it is said that the contract of the four positive branches, if you are lucky, you will be promoted to the official, and if you are not lucky, you will be demoted. Jia, Geng, Bingren and others are not rich, and every time they build a high hall, if they lose their yuan, they will have a fortune of tens of millions, and the couple will hate chaff even if they don’t live together. There is also a difference at one end, when the god meets the emperor Shigui and returns to his hometown, if he returns the four main branches to assist, the noble and the rich and the cheap and miserable. Note: In this statement, Jia, Geng, Bingren get rich, lose luck and poor. And Bing is also expensive, named Di Shi, if he comes together with the four righteous branches, he will be rich and noble if he is lucky, and poor and humble if he is unlucky. 【Distinguish the Miscellaneous Hexagram Positions of the Twenty-Four Mountains】 Divide houses and lands to divide prosperity and decline. Try to see that the positions of the hurdles are the same as the six, the rich and the noble have no heirs and heirs, just like several palaces meet a hurdle, and the children and grandchildren are stunned and poor. The main stream flows into the direction of Shuo, the mistress proclaims that she loves slaves and steals her slaves, and the Kanshui flows back to the main stream, and the lord loves her maidservant more and respects her aunt. Looking at the three yuan up and down, the calculation is clearly wrong. Note: In this section, the two hexagrams of Qiankan and Kan are mixed. If the water in the Kan is mixed with the Qian Palace, it will be rich and noble, but if the dry water is mixed in the Kan, it will be rich and poor. In Shangyuan, Ganshui flowed into Kan, and the mother took slaves as her husband, and Kanshui flowed into Gan, and the lord used her maidservant as her aunt, but in Xiayuan it was the same. Xingguang press; after reading this, go back to the previous article, luck and failure, it is still appropriate to solve the three-element qi luck. Kanshui is like Genshui, with joy and beauty in front of me, sorrow and twilight, Gen Palace is the master of Kan Palace, although there are as many men as consumption Gu. Lonely and lonely, rich and noble, full of couples with poor families, if Feng Jiamao comes to help each other, there is no way for the noble to be superior and the cheap. Note: In this section, the two hexagrams of Gen and Kan are mixed, Kan is in power and Gen is mixed, rich and noble are few, and Gen is the master and Kan is mixed, then Yu Gui is lucky and noble, and Yu Gui is unlucky and humble. The two hexagrams of Xunli and Li must be clearly distinguished. If you don’t know how to cut off the blood, Xun Yuli is rich and humble, and the boudoir is not a prostitute. Li Feng Xun is rich and poor, and the qin and se are difficult to tune. The Xun wind blows into Zhongli Palace, and the elder sister walks along the fields with her lover. Note: In this section, it is distinguished that the two hexagrams of Xunli and Li are mixed. Xunshui should be ordered and Lifang has water, which is rich but cheap. But the journey of Guanshui Road can be traced in detail. ①: Xingguang corrected “The Complete Book of the Four Secretaries of Mapping and Geography” according to “the piano is difficult to tune and the strings are easy to tune”. A spoon believes that the position of Houtian Xunli is still the land of the father and the girl, and the marriage is not a real spouse, so the master is prostitute. The two nobles of Dui Kun are detailed, and when they meet the dog tooth instrument, they will be intuited. Dui has Kun, who is expensive and poor, and Kun is rich and colorless when Dui is rich. The four walls of Gongqing’s obeisance to nobles are empty, millions of rich women lose their virtues, Gan Gen gives birth to a son and loses a son, Xun Kun becomes rich and poor but forced. When the four-dimensional hair is high and low, the eight trigrams should be tested for each other. Only the Qian Zhen can be converted to the Xun position. Note: In this section, the two hexagrams of Duikun are mixed. There is kun in dui, expensive and poor, and dui in kun, rich and cheap. The gossip has its own position, and they should be speculated on each other, and the good is in the bad, and the bad is in the good. Only Qian Dui Zhen Xun, without 虙 mixed. [Differentiation of yin and yang errors one by one in the twenty-four mountains] Eight trigrams should be detailed three-character tactic, and there is also a word method, the same couple is full of spring, separated and private, and it is impossible to adjust. Ugly is the most ruthless character, and there are no male heirs in the palace. Note: In this section, the one-character tactic of the Kan hexagram is also identified. Miscellaneous Hai on the right hurts women, and ugliness on the left hurts men. Xingguang Press: There seems to be a missing word in this section. According to “The Complete Book of the Four Secrets of Mapping Geography”, the second sentence should be “One palace also has a word method”, and the sentence “Same couple full of spring” is “Same palace couple full of three springs” . “It is impossible to adjust the relationship between personal relationships” means “there is no harmony between private relationships between homes”, according to the version of “The Complete Book of the Four Secretaries of Mapping and Geography”, it is more fluent. The Gen Palace is full of Ding Cai, and if there is a mistake, it will be a disaster. It is not to say that the article is from Gui to Gen, and once the Gui is a lowly prostitute. The character A on the left is poor, and it is appropriate to cut it when it is out of the evil and closes the mountain. Note: In this section, the one-character tactic of Gen hexagram is identified, miscellaneous Gui is obscene and humble, and Zajia is poor. A, Mao, and B are rich and noble, and the Xun hexagram of the contract is rich in blessings. There is also a formula in the two palaces. On the right, the miscellaneous Yin palace is the woman’s sky. On the left, the C is the first to lose wealth. Single hexagram misfortune comes. Note: In this section, the two hexagrams of Zhenxun and one character formula are identified. The original is Tongyuan, Yu Duo and Yumei are mixed in the middle, and Bing is on the left to hurt money, and it is downgraded. The right Jiayin hurts women. Wealth and honor in the three suns will never end, and you will be worried if you are caught in another palace. It is nothing to say that Ding Xingkun is beautiful. If you don’t have a seat, you worry about it. It’s like a water girl who is worried about death. Probably day to day. Note: This section distinguishes the one-character tactic of Li Gua, miscellaneous does not hurt men, and miscellaneous hurts women. The Kun Palace is blessed with wealth and wealth, pure and blessed, and with the loss of Geng’s wealth, there is no difference in the position of Ding, and it is always powerful to support the enemy. The rich and minor injuries are also worrying, and there are many famous families. Dark and ugly, only because of messy and yellow worries. This section distinguishes the one-character formula of the Kun hexagram, which means that if you wear Geng, you will lose money, and if you wear Ding, you will lose money. Duiqian Biangua is of the same body, the couple’s piano and music are accompanied, the left side is flowing, the birth palace is prosperous and the middle is declining, and the right side is Shenwei, and the gods are coming. It is concluded that the wife’s money is in danger. Be sure to look in the mirror. There is also a male head tactic in the house division, the eldest son suffers from the evil star on the left, and the youngest son on the right cannot escape the harm, and the evil star pushes the front and back of the middle house. Note: In the second hexagram of Gandui, the ren hurts wealth, and the wearshen hurts women. As for the house division or illness or death, it depends on the strength of the water mouth, so as to judge the severity of the disaster. [Distinguish the yin and yang errors of the twenty-four mountains one by one] at the end of the article [Distinguish the water path to the grid] There is a balance between the decline and prosperity of the water god, and the water path is not the same. The auspicious place is still fierce, there is no disease after seeing disasters in the early years, the yin dragon water path needs the yang dynasty, the yang water flow returns to the yin need horses, directional tailoring has a certain balance, three years and nine years can be sure. Note: In this section, distinguishing the coming and going of the water also determines whether good luck is good or bad, or bad luck is good. The water from the evil side flows into Jizhong, like a foreign bandit invades, and the whole family can fight against him with a concerted effort. The water from the Ji side flows into the Jizhong, like a foreign bandit watching outside, but they dare not come. They are family thieves, and they first make the family leader helpless. , Why support, this reason is wonderful. Those who are lucky or vicious will have blessings in the early years and disasters later. For those who are inauspicious or lucky, it will be unfavorable in the early years, but there will be celebrations later. It is always necessary to determine the Yin and Yang, and to contain the Yang God. [Distinguishing the similarities and differences between the upper and lower dragons] The water is rippling and the dragons are strong, the dragons are uneven, and the riches and honors are not beautiful. Where is Yan Yi? Lao, the east ring of the waterway is Xiage, and Shangyuan turns west to Le Taotao. Note: In this section, it is distinguished that those who have different origins in the same dragon game are rich and noble but not small. As follows, there is water in the Kan side of the Yuan Dynasty, and there is water in the You side of the Shang Yuan. When taking the Mao Fang Ju, the water in the west ring of the upper Yuan and the water in the east ring of the lower Yuan are the same as the dragon game. If the Kan side has water, And if Lifang is not in harmony, it is certainly not the same yuan, but in the same yuan, whether it is exchanged, or dry, or gen, it is also the same yuan in the dragon game, and there is no need to be limited to the style of opposing and serving. [Short Jue of Distinguishing Hexagrams and Repairing Hexagrams] Changing from yuan to hexagram and moving from time to time, one rectification and one urging each for 20 years, Kun Gen has been in power for 20 years, only because the power of a single hexagram is very biased, and Dui Qian Zhen Xun has double pulses, brothers and colleagues The merits are doubled, Li Kan’s congenital parents, can contain six hexagrams and blessings, a single hexagram governs three characters, double veins and two palaces connect six characters, and there are twelve eight gods in the north and south, with a long history and boundless blessings. Note: In this section, single hexagrams are identified for 20 years of positive luck and 20 years of urging luck, such as Gen Kun. As for Qiandui Zhenxun, one hexagram can combine the power of two hexagrams, one reminds and the other corrects, each for forty years. It can also assist Xundui, Xundui can assist Zhen, and Zhendui can also assist Xungan. As for the two hexagrams of Kanli, they are also the innate positions of heaven and earth. They are in charge of the six hexagrams, and there are twelve mountain positions on the upper and lower sides. It also has the power of the second hexagram. Covering the orientation is based on the post-heaven gossip, and the qi is mainly based on the innate gossip. The innate four-yang hexagrams are divided into Shangyuan. Taking the innate cadres as the first, although the innate cadres are the first, in fact the eldest son is the first, because the eldest son can take the place of the father. For example, the acquired earthquake is the innate separation, so the acquired order is still regarded as the order, because the godfather and the eldest son are in the same palace. Just like the congenital earthquake, it is also the acquired gen. Taking the congenital shock as the eldest son, the two Bengrui  Huanyuan 筇熘  歇   knowledge  H Manren  Bu Chunyu  Yibo  Participation  Heart School  Addiction  Phlegm Bengrui  Chongyuan 筇熘chairaddictedlocust unadorned forbearance草草春筇熘ShaoboShi Mu phlegm stretched RuiChongyuan筇熘晚ShimoChang XingpuPlayHui Shi RenxiuSieve Qiao芗芗芗芗芟犟筇熘Snipe簦Knowing forbearanceYunshou 筇熘callion智思芗Graceful 芟芟满簦筇熘Huanghui card printing? Divided into four innate The Yin hexagram is Xiayuan, if Kun is the mother, if you can lead the eldest daughter of Xun, the daughter of Lizhong, and the girl of Dui, then the six whites are in order, that is, the congenital Dui is the sixth, and it belongs to the luck of the five yellows, and Dui is the girl. , and those who are lucky have ancestors, the innate redemption is the acquired sundae, and the innate sundae is the acquired Kungu, and all boys and girls must belong to the five yellows. For example, the innate Li is the acquired earthquake, and Li is the middle daughter, so Qichi is the seventh order, that is, the later day’s earthquake is the seventh, just like the innate Sunda, the acquired Kun is also, Xun is the eldest daughter, so Babai is the order, that is, The kun of the future is the eighth, just like the kun of the innate, that is, the hurdle of the acquired, kun is the mother, the godfather is at the head, the mother of kun is at the end, and men and women are included in the middle, so the nine purples are in order, that is, the hurdle of the acquired is the mother. Ninthly, the Kunmu of the Xiantian is not specially able to manage the genus of the Xiantian Dui, but the one who is in the Sun of the Houtian, but can also manage the genus of the Lili of the Xiantian, in the earthquake of the Houtian and the genus of the Kun of the Xiantian, and in the threshold of the Houtian Those who are in position carry on.

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