Chen Zhaoyou’s “Xuankong’s Secret Orders and Some Methods of the Japanese Lectures”

Download the PDF e-book of Chen Zhaoyou’s “Xuankong’s Secret Decisions and Some Methods of Daily Classes”. Part of the content was selected in 2004. In 2004, Jiashen Year (Run), five dragons controlled the water, two oxen plowed the fields, and two days got auspiciousness. Seven people divided into three. Sui De is in Jia, Sui De is in Ji, Sui Zhi is in Ugly, Sui Lu is in Yin, Sui Ma is in Yin, the front of Sanhe is Gen Yin, Jiamao and Yichen; the rear of Sanhe is Kun

Chen Zhaoyou’s “Xuankong’s Secret Order and Some Methods of the Daily Lesson Treasure Book” PDF e-book download.

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In 2004, Jibaojian was selected in 2004, Jiashen Year (Run), five dragons controlled the water, two cattle plowed the field, two days got auspiciousness, and seven people shared C. Year-old virtue is in Jia, year-old virtue is in oneself, year-old virtue is in ugliness, year-old is in Yin, year-old horse is in Yin, the front of the three-in-one is Genyin, Jiamao, and Yichen; the rear of the three-in-one is in Kunshen, Gengxi, Xin Xu. Common sayings: Tai Sui is in Shen, Sui Po is in Yin, Calamity is in the past, Disaster is in the afternoon, Moon is in the future, Sitting is in Bingding, Xiang is in Rengui, Floating Sky is in Liren, and Tai Sui in the underworld is in Gen. Xun, the six harms are in Hai, the punishment of the year is in Yin, and the ruined five ghosts are in Xun. Tai Sui and the five elements belong to spring water. Twelve auspicious mountains Yi; Shen Zi Chen Yin Wu Xu year month day time. According to the theory of Xuankongdu Tianda Gua, the five elements of Taisui belong to wood. 3.8 Mushan family and 2.7 Huoshan family make funerals and repair Fang Dali, 1.6 Shuishan family makes small profits, and 4.9 Jinshan family commits Tai Sui with caution.

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