Chen Zhaoyou’s “Sanyuan Unbeaten Layout Treasure Book” Advanced Geography Fengshui Technique Yang Gong’s Poverty Relief Dafa

Chen Zhaoyou’s “Treasure Book of Unbeaten Layout of Three Yuans” PDF e-book download of advanced geomantic geomancy and Fengshui Yang Gong’s great method of helping the poor. Part of the content is an example, the effect is miraculous<1>, Qi Yun’s family business is extraordinary, and Eighth Yun Ding’s fortune is difficult. It is my brother of the same family, the Guiding built by Qiyun and the three lines and minutes needles of the Ziwu Tun hexagram

Chen Zhaoyou’s “Three Elements Unbeaten Layout Treasure Book” PDF e-book download of advanced geography and Fengshui techniques Yang Gong’s great method of poverty relief.

Part of the content

Example, the effect is miraculous<1>. It is my brother of the same family, the Guiding and Ziwutun hexagram three line minute needle building built by Qi Yun. The fate of the house is all combined, and it is possible during the Seventh Luck period. Ding’s wealth is prosperous and the family business is prosperous. Generally speaking: people are afraid of changing emperors, and fish are afraid of Pantang. People on the small body are afraid of being out of luck, and so is the family house. The house will be handed over to the eighth year of luck for several years. Although there is no major disaster, there are also some shortages. The second son is a talented person. During the Seventh National Games, he went to Guangdong to work for two months. After marriage, for four years, it was either this pain or that pain. He took medicine for a few years. Those who have no sperm and no fertility, this matter is annoying. His eldest son is determined and ambitious, and he doesn’t believe that the younger brother will decide not to have children. He has outstanding talents and a good physique. He feels that only Fengshui can’t keep up with him. It is very possible. , can achieve the purpose of solving this problem, he agrees. Therefore, many Fengshui masters were invited to come and inspect, and they all said that the original five buildings, except one of the stairs, should be dismantled and turned upside down again to reverse the universe (that is, upside down to sit on the mountain). He also asked me to be present. I listened to these opinions and found that it was not suitable for the real needs of the house. I demolished a few rooms and restored a few rooms. I resolutely oppose it, thinking that their opinions are not ideal. They are good Fengshui masters, so there must be remedies. They preside over the demolition of houses, which actually loses the dignity of Fengshui and loses their own majesty. It’s no wonder that they don’t know the truth and don’t understand the Dafa of layout. No matter what they are, they are all in vain without a teacher. In real field application, it is full of fools. I can see the house at a glance. There is no serious problem in the house. It is just that the lifeline of the house is short-circuited. Of course, these masters have nothing to do. It can be seen from these levels that if you master the Feng Shui Dafa of our hall, once adjusted, this lifeline can all become a good cycle, just like the electric light line, the whole house will emit brilliance and a pleasant atmosphere.

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