Jiang Dahong’s “Guide to the Burial Site (Ancient Truth Refers to Mysteries)”

Jiang Dahong’s “Guide to the Burial Site (Ancient Facts and Ground Guides)” PDF Yi Xue Ancient Books e-book download. Introduction The ancient theory of geography is more detailed in the mountains than in the Pacific Ocean. This book mainly focuses on the Pacific Ocean. Jue “Secrets of the World Explanation Map” and recorded “Pingyang Lily”, “Huntian Baojian”, “Dongtian Secret Record”, “Pingyang

Jiang Dahong’s “Guidance to the Burial Site (Ancient Authentic Maps and Misunderstandings)” PDF Yi Xue Ancient Books e-book download.


The ancient theory of geography is more detailed on the mountains than on the Pacific Ocean. This book focuses on the Pacific Ocean. The secret, the second performance of “The Secret of the World” and the recording of “Pingyang Golden Needle”, “Qiantian Baojian”, “Dongtian Secret Record”, “Pingyang Golden Mouth”, “Xingxin Chapter”, “Yangzhai Pieces” All the chapters of “Miao” contain the tricks of Yang Zeng’s masters. Readers only need to read carefully, and they will definitely have a great understanding of Kanyu.

Yi Chuan said. Looking down to observe geography. The Book of Rites said. There is no reason for jeopardy. The reason is that Yuezhi is called the ups and downs of rivers and streams. Before the Han and Wei Dynasties. No one chose a burial place because of it. Ancient Burial Order. The Zhaomu people have Zhaoyu. The period is March. After more than a month, there will be one after another. It starts from the back of the sand and water in the dragon’s cave. But some people will not bury their relatives for life. Trapped children and grandchildren in those who are not filial. From the point of view of the left and right rooms. But there are elders and children who prevent their relatives from being buried. Brothers are not fraternal. Alas. Jing Chun’s crime is undeniable. However, Jing Chunshu is simple and unremarkable. And it may be entrusted by future generations. It’s weird. The worst person to confuse the world and slander the people. They are all disciples of Yang Zeng, Liao Lai. Those who follow the absurdity and benefit from it are also. Today, I will compete with my ancestors for their skills. Everyone is different. The home of enough food and clothing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Especially compared to other provinces. Although there are few scholars and bureaucrats in the world, they are not confused by this. The crowd of confusion tends to it. And I want to make the most of it. Potential can do nothing. no self. It is because of the concealment of the place chosen by relatives. It is close to reason. Deeply understand. Qiwu fell into disrespect and disrespect. Also enough. Everyone has heard about their encounters. bash each other. And gods and spirits. Taboo. position. life. All kinds of contradictions. Xu can fold it into a book. But the past is lost to the slow burial. The common people gradually cooperated with the rituals. Phase to confuse people. There are many in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it is based on the Pingyang Water Method. Repeatedly detailed. And outside the tomb. There are houses divided by Yang Zhai. Time changer. Therefore, it is finally possible to eliminate the absurdity in the Yangzhai. The husband seeks good luck and avoids bad luck. This is not against the sages. But for the warlock who sued. Turn from the back Yan unconsciously. Let parents plan for the prosperity and decline of their children and grandchildren. so that flesh and bones do not return to the earth. The dead have knowledge. Fang will be overwhelmed with condemnation. Shang Yun shaded me. Yu Bei’s descendants have the power to choose a place. It’s not as poor and cheap as it is. There are many virtuous descendants. It’s not like it’s stupid and lonely. The wife hopes for her children and grandchildren. Also for hiding. It is also for hiding the coffin. Therefore, it is too late. And it’s too late to chase those who can’t be buried. Eighty-nine out of ten. It is not as if there are no descendants. His neighbors and relatives still have to take pity on him and restrain his body and soul. It is healed if nothing is tied to interests. Obsessed with geography and absolutely heaven. Yu tasted that those who were angry with the world’s religion could not be punished according to the law. Punishment is invincible. It’s hard to get rid of it. It is edited with a heart. May the world not bear with his parents. promote its meaning. It is not against the sages. It’s Yu Zhi’s deep hope. Fu Gengchen, Mengchun, Wucheng, Houtang, Lingkun, and Yu Shen, finally Maoshe.

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