180 strokes to resolve feng shui in Yangzhai

180 strokes of feng shui in Yang Zhai can be downloaded as a PDF e-book. The method of resolving evil spirits caused by feng shui in Yangzhai. Brief Introduction 1. Bow and Straight Arrow Sha (Anti-bow Water) [Description] The road and river in front of the residence are in the shape of a bow or arc (semicircle, circle), facing the gate, forming a “Bow and Straight Arrow Sha” (also known as called anti-bow water). (In contrast, if a river or road is circular, semicircular or arc-shaped

180 strokes of feng shui solution to Yang Zhai PDF e-book download. The method of resolving evil spirits caused by feng shui in Yangzhai.

Brief introduction

1. Curved bow and straight arrows (anti-bow water) [Description] The roads and rivers in front of the house are bow-shaped or arc-shaped (semi-circle, circle), facing the gate, forming a “bend”. Bow straight arrow evil” (also known as anti-bow water). (On the contrary, if the river or road surrounds the house in a circular, semicircular or arc shape, it is a “jade belt around the waist”, which is auspicious. If the home is not expensive, it will be rich, and the business of multiple masters will be successful and the fortune will be prosperous.) 【 Lucky and unlucky] Lord of blood, lawsuits. “Bending bows and straight arrows in front of the house, there are always great disasters at home.” [Resolution] Place stones on the left side of the door, or place large broad-leaved potted plants on both sides. 2. Blade Sha [Description] There will be a building such as a parking shed at the door of the house, and the wavy rain-shielding roof will create a “blade evil” for the residence on the first floor. [Good and bad luck] Lord of blood, accidents. [Resolution] The traditional method of “Dragon Tortoise Transforming Evil” is to place a “Dragon Tortoise” on the window sill facing the rain-shielding board at home. The meaning is to use a hard turtle shell to form a shield to block the attack of the blade evil . At the same time, it will be more effective to place Shanhai Town.

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180 tricks to resolve Fengshui in Yangzhai

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