Xingyunshanren “The True Biography of Yang Gong Sanyuan Geography”

Xingyunshanren “The True Biography of Yang Gong Sanyuan Geography” PDF e-book download. Brief introduction of Yang Gong’s three-element geography mentality passed down by Jiang Gongda Hongxian. In terms of regulating qi, the author has exhausted it in my book “Geography Discrimination and True Interpretation”, “Yang Gong’s Geography Zhenjue” and the essence of the whole dual-element qi regulation. In the book, in addition to “Lianshan Zhongtianyi”, it can be said that it has both style and function, and the formulas are complete.

Download the PDF e-book “The True Biography of Yang Gong Sanyuan Geography” by Xingyunshanren.


The Geographical Heart of Yang Gong Sanyuan passed down by Master Jiang Dahong The method, in terms of regulating qi, has been exhausted in my books such as “The True Interpretation of Geography”, “The True Jue of Yang Gong’s Geography” and “The Essentials of Quandary Qi Regulating”. “, it can be said that it has both body and function, and the formulas are fully revealed, so there is no need to talk about it. However, some readers have used the book of Jiang Chuan, and some of the author have not explained and commented on it. I hope that the original appearance can be fully confirmed, and the biography of Jiang Gong can be confirmed from the beginning to the end. Sincere devotion. Although there were ancients in the past, they also hoped that there would be those who would come later, thinking that the continuation would be an opportunity for good fortune. Second, with its true method, there are talented people from generation to generation, but those who get the whole purpose are hard to come by. In addition to the development of modern engraving, it is possible to use the convenience of book transmission to preserve the authentic biography of the same line, thinking that it will benefit the future people, and continue the sages and sages’ purpose without falling. Since there are good words and dedications, there is also the writing of this book. The book is divided into four parts. Except for the first and fourth parts, which are the author’s basic mentality of “the use of spells”, the interpretation of the teacher’s essays, the examples of the five poles in middle school, and the supplementary information on the true teaching of the five skills, the rest of the second and third parts , a total of ten chapters, including “Tianyuan Five Songs, Tianyuan Yuyi, Gu Jingge, Bazhai Tianyuan Fu, Yangzhai Guide, Yangzhai Seventy-seven Maps” and other treasures that Jiang Gong poured out of his pocket. Among them, those who are closely related to Yang Gong’s Eryi Yuanxuan Kongxin Method, the author will give supplementary notes and explanations one by one as far as I know, so that readers can finally understand and wake up. Among the articles, such as Jiang Yao’s “Interpretation of Essays from Teachers”, “Examples of Form Five”, “Supplement to Tianji Information”, etc., are even more first-hand information in the market! All of them are sufficient to prove the authenticity of the Yang Shengfa Jue passed down by Jiang Gong, and it is also the one who can last forever. Geospatial geology belongs to the category of “authentic Tao” of “Three Talents Dao”, and a practitioner who has practiced to a certain stage and cannot possess the “magic skill of seizing the earth” will not even be able to “integrate the three qi into one” to refine the Jindan Dao! Therefore, for all scholars who are interested in the true transmission of the five arts of “mountain, medicine, fate, divination, and physiognomy”, it is the first priority to make up their minds and practice earnestly. Life is short, and the truth is hard to smell. Be careful not to lose the opportunity to practice suddenly because of the entanglement of fame and fortune outside the body, so that it is difficult to get rid of suffering and find happiness, and return to the innate. The reason why the author has repeatedly reminded readers in my book that all scholars who engage in the five arts of our country must start with “cultivation” is the meaning of this. The basic mentality acts as the beginning of the chapter, which is also the meaning. However, with limited knowledge and omissions, it is difficult for rabbits. I still pray that the gentleman of liberal arts will not hesitate to enlighten me, which is what I look forward to!

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