Xingyunshanren “Yang Gong’s Geography Truth” (attached: the collection of yin and yang two houses)

Xingyunshanren “Yang Gong’s Geography Truth” (attached: Yin and Yang Erzhai Collection) PDF e-book download. Introduction The study of geography, geomantic omen and public opinion has thousands of schools and schools, but under the premise of “everything is true”, it has to be unified in the category of “Yang Gong’s Sanyuan Geographical Mind Method” in the end! Although, Yang Gong’s three-element geographical mentality has almost been fully disclosed in the “Geography Discrimination” “Geographic Discrimination”

Xingyunshanren “Yanggong Geography Truth” (Attachment: Essentials of Yin and Yang Erzhai Collection) PDF e-book download.


There are thousands of schools and schools of geography, geomantic omen and public opinion, but under the premise of “everything is true”, it has to be unified in the category of “Yang Gong’s Sanyuan Geographical Mind Method” in the end! Although, Yang Gong’s three-element geography mentality has almost been fully disclosed in the scriptures of “Geography Discrimination” such as “Qing Nang Jing, Qing Nang Preface, Qing Nang Austrian Language, Tian Yu Jing, and Du Tian Bao Zhao Jing”, it is a pity What is most important is that Jiang Dahong’s senior and his disciples who taught “Geography Discrimination and Correction” believed that there are prohibitions in the laws of heaven, and they even feared that the secrets of heaven would be leaked too much. That’s right, the chaotic and chaotic situation makes future generations unable to get out of the formation of “the great chaos of heaven, earth, universe and universe” laid out in the book even if you are extremely intelligent and intelligent! Since the early years of the Republic of China, scholars who are interested in Fengshui Kanxing have often established research societies such as “Fengshui Geography Research Society”, “Geography Society”, “Fengshui Geography Master Association”, etc., and sometimes research Monographs have been handed down to the world, but in terms of the “three-yuan geography” books that have been published so far, apart from Jiang Dahong’s “Geography Discrimination” and Zhang Xinyan’s “Geography Discrimination and Sparse”, they can really further analyze and reveal “Yang Gong’s three-yuan geography mentality”. “, in terms of discussing facts and seeking truth from facts, the book “Tan Tian Shuo Yuan Kong” written by the author and published by Dawentang Publishing House should be listed on the list, and it is not as good as Jiang and Zhang. The predecessors’ “Discrimination of Zhengzheng” and “Discrimination of Zhengshu” have been handed down! After all, true formulas and mental methods really have to be taught or taught. Of course, Yang Gong has pointed out many truths in geography, such as: three-element departure, yin and yang collapse, dragon to the water mouth, seven stars robbery, hexagrams and hexagrams, parent and child breath, positive pole and zero spirit, earth-shattering , Mysterious Sky and Five Elements, Shuangshan Two-Way, Star Jue, Sanbanji Hexagram, Situ Jue and so on, all those who have a clear eye and a real teacher who has the real Dharma can understand everything at a glance. This book is the author’s continuation of the book “Tan Tian Talking about Yuan Kong”, and it is another work that discloses the key points of Yang Gongqing’s situation. The book uses charts to describe how to form a dragon, how to set up a game, how to receive water, and how to set up a water outlet. According to the order of the twenty-four mountain dragons, forty-eight games are established. Based on the “Yang Gong Sanyuan Geography and Psychological Compass” produced by the author himself (note: this compass has been produced by Taiwentang Publishing House) and compared with the sixty-four hexagrams and three hundred and eighty-four lines, it will definitely meet the requirements. Yang Gongzhi’s “heavenly secrets and wonderful formulas are different, only one hexagram can understand the gossip” and “where is the heaven and earth, and the stars must be connected”. There is a saying in the Tianyu Jing: “The two gods of the common road are a couple, and they recognize the true god’s road. The immortals secretly determine Yin and Yang, which is Zhenglonggang.” Jiang Dahong said that couples can be divided into real and fake, such as Xunsi is a real couple, Bingwu is also a real couple; if they are already Bing, they cannot be a real couple! How can you see the whole leopard with slush claws? In addition, in the book “Master Jiang Dahong’s secret decrees formula” published by a certain publishing house in July 1972, the formulas drawn by him for the success and adversity of Tian Yuan, Di Yuan, and Ren Yuan were first used in “Mountain The sixteen characters of “Shan Shui Shui” represent the twenty-four mountain tops. It seems to be a true scripture, but in fact, it is only a tangible and godless scripture, and it is by no means a complete scripture! There is a difference between true and false couples. Twenty-four mountains can be represented by “mountain” or “water”, but what is the complete and intact Yang Gong’s true formula? Searching through the books about Kanxing Fengshui, there is no one who can tell, None can answer the question! In view of this, the author resolutely publishes the true interpretation and formula that are hard-won for thousands of years, with a heart of compassion and compassion, regardless of the prohibition of the laws of nature. Fengshui is comparable to this science, and it is the most difficult to find a teacher to teach it among the five arts of “mountain, medicine, fate, divination, and astrology” in our country. However, because of its far-reaching influence, it is related to the rise and fall of a family and a clan. Therefore, Since ancient times, any researcher who is interested in the theory of yin and yang in the Book of Changes will eventually embark on the path of geospatial geology! But because of the mystery of heaven, those who are not predestined can never meet. Although the author got the true biography of “Yang Gong’s Sanyuan Geography Mind Method” by chance, he still needs to follow the instructions of the sages and sages. Of course, the basic structure and knowledge of geology should be made public to the world, but there are some things about rationality The law should be passed on to benevolent and filial sons! Even so, even if the basic structure and knowledge of “Yang Gong’s Mind Method” in this book have been hundreds of years since Jiang Dahong, no one has taught one or the other! It can be seen that this field of knowledge is profound and unusual, and even if the author has gained something, it may be limited. It is a blessing to pray for the virtuous and virtuous gentleman, to correct and enlighten me more!

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Xingyunshanren-Yanggong Geography Truth (Attachment: Collection of Yin and Yang Erzhai)

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