2015 Desert Oasis hexagrams professional course recordings more than 200 episodes including notes information

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/2021/21690.2015 Desert Oasis hexagrams professional course recordings more than 200 episodes with notes information
2015 Eight hexagrams notes
01 Discourse on the Lone Luan Fury.txt 0.54kb
01 Tian Luo Di Net.txt 0.35kb
01 天乙贵人.txt 1.51kb
02 Red Death.txt 0.66kb
02 Ten evils explained.txt 0.58kb
02 Heavenly Moon De Gui Ren.txt 1.36kb
03 Lone Star and Widow.txt 0.59kb
03 Red Luan Star Search.txt 0.38kb
03 Heavenly Amnesty.txt 0.22kb
04 Ditch Foot Fury.txt 0.46kb
04 yin yang error.txt 0.60kb
05 Flower Fury.txt 0.53kb
05 disaster brakes.txt 0.39kb
06 Big Red Kill.txt 0.22kb
06 Cut-off Fury.txt 1.25kb
07 Iron Broom.txt 0.70kb
07 Dead God.txt 0.68kb
08 White dress.txt 0.20kb
08 Yuanchen.txt 1.96kb
09 Ba special nine ugly yin and yang brake.txt 3.49kb
09 Guo Yin Gui Ren.txt 0.35kb
09 General See.txt 0.92kb
1 The positioning of the body parts of the eight characters.txt 5.92kb
1 Fortune Eight Characters for Seeking Wealth.txt 7.42kb
1 Six relatives like method.txt 4.73kb
1 Desert Oasis says education.txt 7.13kb
10 Arch Loc.txt 0.62kb
10 Dead Man Fury.txt 0.36kb
10 True Child.txt 0.81kb
10 Correct understanding of the child in the eight characters.txt 1.98kb
11 Sliding star.txt 1.81kb
11 Bury the child.txt 0.39kb
11 Peach Blossom Fury.txt 5.44kb
12 General Star.txt 0.64kb
12 Liu Xia Kill.txt 0.44kb
12 Peach Blossom Hamchi.txt 2.61kb
13 Golden God Star.txt 0.43kb
13 Jail Pass.txt 0.72kb
13 Peach Blossom Detailed Explanation.txt 2.24kb
14 Jin Yu Gui Ren.txt 0.59kb
15 Kui Gang Gui Ren.txt 1.55kb
16Lu Shen.txt 0.43kb
17 San Qi Gui Ren.txt 1.09kb
18 Taiji Guijin.txt 0.75kb
18 A code of stars–simplified(1).txt 7.01kb
19 天醫贵人.txt 0.42kb
1 八字段钱财经验.txt 8.66kb
2 eight characters to see the cross disaster, disability of the disaster.txt 6.02kb
2 The six beasts of the likeness method.txt 8.76kb
2 Desert Oasis Eight Characters how to read the important information of talent.txt 1.47kb
20150115 八字第二课.txt 2.26kb
20150117 Lesson 3 ranking the eight characters.txt 2.66kb
20150121 lesson 4 sixty flowers and asterisks.txt 1.60kb
20150303 hexagrams twelve long life.txt 1.23kb
20150309 hexagrams of the conjunction.txt 1.32kb
20150311 eight tomb bank.txt 0.93kb
20150312 hexagrams in the three together three will.txt 0.62kb
20150314 eight empty death.txt 1.97kb
20150316 Liu Yao of the punch.txt 3.23kb
20150321 八字看旺衰.txt 0.91kb
20150502八字卦例.txt 6.43kb
20150613 八字卦例.txt 1.57kb
20150702 Affair (1).txt 2.71kb
20150709 Look at the number of siblings (1).doc 32.50kb
2 time of marriage.txt 2.97kb
3 Comprehensive look at the fortune of the eight characters.txt 2.94kb
3 Explanation of day stem prosperity and decline.txt 6.66kb
3 The state of marriage.txt 13.38kb
3 burial, repairing graves, making coffins.txt 0.98kb
3 in the desert oasis hexagrams 9 hexagrams disease lecture.txt 11.79kb
4 prosperity and decay of the eight characters in the cover head cut off the foot.txt 3.38kb
4 dead buried bad mnemonic.txt 0.24kb
5 The relationship between the role of the eight characters and the hierarchy.txt 1.24kb
5 What direction did the dead person go in.txt 0.72kb
6 How to read the eight characters.txt 4.18kb
78 kinds of extremely rich life face are you destined to be rich.doc 163.00kb
7 Express.txt 3.49kb
八字 破 绝.txt 1.13kb
Eight Characters Lesson 105 Gua Example 2016-3-5.doc 23.50kb
八字第30课2015-5-27.doc 31.00kb
Bazi Lesson 34 2015-6-10.doc 40.00kb
Bazi Lesson 38 2015-6-24.doc 30.00kb
Bazi Lesson 46 2015-7-22 Bi-shoulder.doc 30.50kb
Bazi Lesson 51 2015-8-12.doc 41.50kb
Bazi Lesson 52 2015-8-19.doc 29.50kb
Bazi Lesson 56 2015-9-2.doc 29.00kb
Bazi Lesson 58 2015-9-9.doc 32.00kb
Eight Characters Lesson 60 2015-9-16.doc 30.00kb
Bazi Lesson 64 The Post Horse 2015-9-30.doc 33.00kb
Bazi Lesson 65 Gods and Furies 2015-10-3.doc 28.00kb
Bazi Lesson 66 Gods and Furies 2015-10-7.doc 31.00kb
Bazi Lesson 67: Gods and Furies 2015-10-10(1).doc 28.50kb
Bazi Lesson 67 Gods and Furies 2015-10-10.doc 28.50kb
Bazi Lesson 71 Gods and Furies 2015-10-24.doc 30.00kb
Bazi Lesson 72 Elephant Method 2015-10-28.doc 28.00kb
Eight Character Reading Elephant.txt 6.32kb
Eight Characters to see prosperity and decline 2.txt 3.26kb
Eight Character Exam-.txt 7.83kb
Eight Character Exam Basics Q&A.txt 8.70kb
The eight character divine brake analysis hooking brake.doc 27.00kb
Analysis of the Eight Character Gods and Furies – Luan Brakes.doc 52.00kb
The Eight Character God of Eclipses 1.txt 4.39kb
Eight Character God of Eating 4 Partial Cai.txt 3.76kb
Eight-character terminology (what also has the last part).txt 21.75kb
memorize this recipe you have become half immortal.doc 25.50kb
Disability.txt 1.60kb
Lesson 0 and 3 Pre-tense and Post-tense Bagua Diagrams.txt 0.97kb
Lesson 10 punch.txt 5.91kb
Lesson 10 punch relationship between the details of.txt 2.94kb
Lesson 11 Liu Yao empty death.txt 3.64kb
Lesson 12 Liu Yao of the library tomb.txt 4.34kb
Class 13 fly volt God.txt 3.50kb
Class 13 six harm.txt 2.55kb
The 13th empty death.txt 9.40kb
Lesson 14 Six Harm.txt 1.41kb
The 17th anti-gin fugin.txt 0.81kb
The 18th pass.txt 1.34kb
The 21st lesson two ghosts with.txt 3.52kb
Lesson 22 the use of the post horse peach blossom.txt 4.41kb
Lesson 24: God of Eclipsing 5 Injury.txt 7.94kb
The 25th eight-character eosin 6 eosin.txt 5.19kb
26th 8th character God of Eclipsing 7 Positive Seal.txt 5.70kb
The 27th Eight Character Eros 8 Partial Seal.txt 4.54kb
Lesson 3: The 64 trigrams of the Eight Houses.txt 2.78kb
Lesson 4: Shaking the trigrams to start the trigrams.txt 4.05kb
Lesson 5: The easy technique of hiding the stem.txt 0.94kb
Lesson 5: Fitting the trigrams.txt 4.05kb
Lesson 6 Eight Characters Ten Gods.txt 3.55kb
Lesson 7 Eros 9 Bi-shoulder.txt 4.09kb
Lesson 8 Eros 10 Robbery.txt 4.27kb
The third lesson eight characters together.txt 11.20kb
High priest face reading.doc 55.00kb
Work.docx 62.64kb
marriage selection.doc 116.00kb
Marriage 1.txt 1.37kb
marriage 11 divorce.txt 2.17kb
marriage2 bad marriage (1).txt 5.41kb
Marriage 3 looks.txt 1.07kb
marriage 4 character and parents.txt 1.53kb
Marriage 5 unmarried character.txt 1.90kb
marriage9 affair.txt 2.30kb
Teach you to read faces.doc 64.50kb
Seeing death.txt 0.53kb
Liu Yao lesson 25 2015.doc 33.50kb
Liu Yao lesson 25 2015 marriage.doc 33.50kb
Liu Yao lesson 30 2015-5-28.doc 33.00kb
Hexagrams lesson 32 2015-6-4.doc 31.50kb
Liu Yao lesson 34 2015-6-11.doc 38.50kb
Liu Yao lesson 43 2015-7-13.doc 27.50kb
Liu Yao lesson 59 2015-9-3.doc 30.00kb
Hexagrams lesson 60 2015-9-7.doc 36.50kb
Liu Yao to improve the travel chapter.docx 49.29kb
Liu Yao to find the gods 20150224.txt 1.56kb
Folklore auspicious day chapter 1.doc 145.00kb
Nayin.txt 3.45kb
Woman eating three wells life.txt 0.51kb
Partial official.txt 5.90kb
The secret book of moving graves.doc 28.00kb
Desert handout(1).doc 1.88M
Desert oasis eight characters when official 1(1).txt 3.56kb
Desert oasis eight characters occupation1.txt 7.60kb
Shen Furies.docx 234.11kb
What is the post horse.docx 17.68kb
The lesson of death.txt 5.43kb
The view of affair and virginity.txt 1.76kb
The prosperity and decline of the five elements.txt 0.76kb
The amount of heart.txt 0.06kb
The 30 brotherly situations.txt 1.66kb
Lecture notes of Yang Blade.txt 3.32kb
Yin and Yang Feng Shui.txt 1.72kb
Using the star dodging method when encountering bad luck.txt 0.41kb
The longer you grow, the more fortunate your face is.doc 26.00kb
Choose the day to choose the auspicious misconceptions and choose the day to choose the right method.doc 43.00kb
Oasis in the desert hexagrams 1 seeking money.txt 2.97kb
Desert Oasis hexagrams 2 only.txt 3.67kb
Middle Desert Oasis hexagrams 3 lost.txt 8.36kb
Middle Desert Oasis hexagram 4 travel.txt 7.18kb
Middle Desert Oasis hexagram 5 exam.txt 10.97kb
Oasis in the desert hexagrams 6 work.txt 4.56kb
Desert Oasis hexagrams 7 official luck.txt 5.07kb
20141109 hexagrams measured out of the line example.wma 16.44M
20141123 hexagrams to measure the express.wma 10.00M
20141218 Answer.wma 17.85M
2015.10.23【Answers】.wma 17.25M
2015.10.29[Hexagrams Example](1).wma 16.64M
2015.11.24【Answers】.wma 15.99M
2015.11.29 [Q&A].wma 18.74M
2015.11.3 [Q&A].wma 20.46M
2015.12.14 [hexagrams example] to see the official.wma 17.73M
2015.12.1 [Answer].wma 14.68M
2015.12.3 [hexagrams example].wma 17.25M
20150202 hexagrams lesson 2 shaking trigrams start.mp3 12.19M
20150205 hexagrams lesson 5 load trigrams.mp3 14.35M
20150209 Lesson 6 hexagrams loaded Tian Gan to find the world should find the trigram Palace.mp3 15.41M
20150210 live trigram.wma 13.11M
20150212 hexagrams of loaded six relatives six animals.mp3 12.26M
20150213 Answer the question.wma 21.23M
20150216 Answer the question.wma 18.28M
20150224 Hexagrams with God.mp3 15.81M
20150226 (for new students to see the trigrams).mp3 20.20M
20150227 Answering questions.wma 14.20M
20150302 hexagrams five lines of prosperity phase rest prisoner death.mp3 10.78M
20150303 hexagrams twelve long life.mp3 13.55M
20150309 Liu Yao role relationship – together.mp3 12.61M
20150310 hexagrams review class.wma 11.43M
20150312 hexagrams three together three will.wma 13.71M
20150313 Review Lesson.wma 20.28M
20150315 Review Lesson Answer Questions.wma 15.75M
20150316 hexagrams 12 (punch).mp3 30.11M
20150317回答问题1.wma 16.36M
20150317回答问题2.wma 5.09M
20150319 六爻月冲.wma 13.06M
20150320Answer Question 1.wma 12.47M
20150320Answer Question 2.wma 4.13M
20150322 Answer the Question.mp3 87.81M
20150323 hexagrams together at the punch.wma 16.72M
20150324 Answer the question.wma 16.25M
20150326 Liu Yao of empty death.wma 13.95M
20150327 Review Lesson.wma 16.41M
20150329 Answer the question.wma 10.29M
20150330 hexagrams tomb library.mp3 17.02M
20150331Answer the question.wma 18.08M
20150403Answering Questions.wma 18.39M
20150405Answer the question.wma 20.01M
20150407Answer the question.wma 15.62M
20150409 hexagrams of punishment.wma 11.70M
20150413 hexagrams into and out of the return tour.wma 13.74M
20150416 hexagrams pass.wma 14.16M
20150420 hexagrams of the god of joy and taboo.wma 13.06M
20150423 hexagrams anti-gin.wma 11.84M
20150427 Liu Yao two ghosts with.wma 12.94M
20150507 Answer.mp3 16.01M
20150508 Liu Yao answer questions.wma 18.81M
20150521 hexagrams to measure marriage trigram example.wma 19.32M
20150525 hexagrams to measure the marriage bad case.wma 17.60M
20150526 answer questions.wma 18.59M
20150528 hexagrams to measure the bad marriage example.wma 18.08M
20150601 Liu Yao to see the appearance of marriage.wma 12.31M
20150604 hexagrams to see the appearance of the trigram example.wma 22.00M
20150608 Liu Yao to see the affair.wma 14.79M
20150609 Answer.wma 21.61M
20150611 Liu Yao to measure the affair example.wma 20.53M
20150612 Answer.wma 17.84M
20150615 hexagrams to measure the case of an affair.wma 17.82M
20150616 Answer.wma 17.23M
20150618 hexagrams marriage in cohabitation.wma 19.67M
20150619 Answer.wma 16.04M
20150622 Liu Yao of marriage in cohabitation and separation.wma 18.20M
20150629 hexagrams divorce example.wma 19.45M
20150630 Answer.wma 18.07M
20150702 virgin virgin.mp3 14.84M
20150703回答疑.wma 15.18M
20150709 Look at the number of siblings.mp3 11.41M
20150712 answer.wma 14.92M
20150716 Liu Yao marriage trigram example.wma 18.94M
20150719 Answer.wma 14.64M
20150723 hexagrams to see the fortune.wma 16.89M
20150726Answer.wma 13.29M
20150728Answers.wma 20.71M
20150804Answers.wma 16.53M
20150810 hexagrams fortune measurement.wma 16.53M
20150814 Answer.wma 25.94M
20150817 hexagrams to see the exam.wma 17.79M
20150821 hexagrams to measure the beginning of the example.wma 15.92M
20150823 Answer.wma 18.84M
20150824 hexagrams test example.wma 14.11M
20150827 hexagrams test trigram example.wma 18.59M
20150831 hexagrams test driving license.wma 17.74M
20150901 Answer.wma 19.37M
20150903 hexagrams to measure the work.wma 13.56M
20150904Answers.wma 18.19M
20150907 hexagrams to measure the work of the trigram example.wma 23.06M
20150908 Answer.wma 16.54M
20150910 hexagrams to measure work trigram example.wma 11.28M
20150914 hexagrams to measure the work.wma 19.03M
20150917 hexagrams to measure official luck.wma 16.64M
20150918 Answer (1)(1).wma 19.45M
20150918Answers(1).wma 19.45M
20150920Answers.wma 12.99M
20150921 Liu Yao to measure the official luck.wma 19.14M
20150922Answers.wma 17.71M
20150924 hexagrams to measure official luck.wma 17.15M
20150928 hexagrams to measure the official fortune example.wma 13.63M
20150929 Answer.wma 16.52M
20151001Answers.wma 17.07M
20151002 stay measurement of official fortune trigram example.wma 14.50M
20151005 hexagrams to measure the official trigram example.wma 20.65M
20151006 answer questions.wma 18.47M
20151008 hexagrams to measure the loss of.wma 20.14M
20151009回答疑.wma 20.81M
20151011Answer.wma 19.24M
20151012 hexagrams to measure the missing hexagrams example.wma 17.76M
20151013Answer.wma 22.67M
20151015Answers.wma 21.44M
20151015 hexagrams to measure the lost trigram example.wma 17.00M
20151018Answers.wma 17.05M
20151019 hexagrams to measure the loss of.wma 20.59M
20151020Answer.wma 14.61M
20151022 hexagrams to measure the lost hexagram example.wma 15.56M
20151026 hexagrams to measure the missing hexagrams.wma 16.06M
20151027 Answer.wma 14.06M
20151030Answer.wma 14.70M
20151101Answers.wma 16.36M
20151102 hexagrams out of line.wma 18.74M
20151105 hexagrams out of line hexagrams example.wma 16.92M
20151106 Answer.wma 21.23M
20151110Answers.wma 16.88M
20151112 hexagrams out of the line gua example.wma 15.76M
20151113Answers.wma 11.67M
20151115Answers.wma 11.28M
20151116 hexagrams out of the line gua example.wma 17.44M
20151117Answers.wma 16.67M
20151119 hexagrams out of the trigram example.wma 15.80M
20151120Answers.wma 17.84M
20151122 Answer.wma 14.05M
20151126 hexagrams test news.wma 14.81M
20151127Answers.wma 15.18M
20151130 hexagrams to measure the news trigram example.wma 15.61M
20151206Answers.wma 13.93M
20151207 hexagrams to measure the news trigram example.wma 13.06M
20151211Answer.wma 16.91M
20151213 Answer.wma 12.58M
20151217 hexagrams to measure the official case.wma 18.71M
20151221 hexagrams to measure the official trigram example.wma 19.82M
20151225 Answer.mp3 15.29M
20151228 hexagrams to measure disease trigram example.wma 7.78M
20151231 hexagrams to measure disease.wma 21.85M
201512 Answer.wma 13.26M
June 25, 2015 divorce trigram example.mp3 18.22M
2016-06-19 八字六爻答疑.mp3 6.04M
2016-3-25 Answer.wma 20.85M
2016-3-27 Q&A.wma 6.11M
2016-3-29 Q&A.wma 18.84M
2016-4-24 Answer.wma 9.62M
2016-4-27 Eight Questions and Answers.wma 13.16M
2016-4-29 Q&A.wma 16.90M
2016-4-30 Desert teacher eight hexagrams to answer questions.wma 15.35M
2016-5-30 The Liu Yao of the earth and the six beasts like the law.wma 21.02M
2016-6-21 Auxury day questions answered.wma 16.88M
2016-6-30 Liu Yao to see examples of bad marriage.wma 19.19M
2016-7-1 Answer to a question.wma 10.88M
2016-7-3 Q&A.wma 2.28M
2016.1.11 Year of Luck.wma 18.36M
2016.1.8 [Q&A].wma 11.89M
2016.3.22 [Q&A](1).wma 15.62M
2016.4.26 [Q&A].wma 13.28M
2016.6.20 [Hexagrams reading example].wma 20.64M
2016.6.23 [Liu Yao to see the marriage].wma 16.22M
20160101 Answer.wma 18.75M
20160103 Answer.wma 13.96M
20160104 hexagrams to measure disease example.wma 19.35M
20160105Answers.wma 21.46M
20160107 hexagrams to see death notes and examples.wma 18.83M
20160110Answer.wma 12.78M
20160112回答疑.wma 20.96M
20160114Teacher to send Confucius look at the year luck trigram.wma 19.85M
20160115Answer.wma 18.76M
20160117Answer.wma 10.35M
20160118Giving the yearly fortune trigram to Confucius.wma 18.15M
20160119Answer.wma 15.11M
20160121Teacher to send Confucius reading of the year fortune.wma 15.23M
20160122Answer.wma 17.99M
20160206Answers.mp3 81.02M
21051204 Answer.wma 12.85M
24. Desert Oasis teacher speaks Liu Yao 2015 Review questions (150507).mp3 16.32M
[2015_12_08 Answer.wma 23.66M
Homework lesson punch, harm and other answers to questions-15-03-06.wma 40.88M
hexagrams lesson 24 2015-5-4.mp3 12.39M
六爻 第25课2015-5-11.mp3 18.29M
Hexagrams Lesson 26 2015-5-14.mp3 21.10M
六爻 第27课2015-5-18.mp3 16.48M
Hexagrams Lesson 41 2015-7-6.mp3 17.26M
六爻 第43课2015-7-13.mp3 15.40M
六爻第45课2015-7-20.mp3 19.32M
六爻 第48课2015-7-27.mp3 17.22M
六爻 第49课2015-7-30.mp3 17.62M
六爻 第50课2015-8-3.mp3 16.60M
六爻第51课2015-8-6.mp3 13.65M
六爻 第53课2015-8-13.mp3 14.26M
六爻 第60课2015-9-7.mp3 17.24M
六爻 第90课 疾病2015-12-24.mp3 18.98M
Liu Yao lesson 92 disease 2015-12-31.mp3 19.75M
Liu Yao the first lesson 20150129 Bagua.mp3 13.10M
Liu Yao to see the official non-1210.wma 15.80M
Please God of Wealth recording.mp3 4.23M
Ask a question 015-5-5.mp3 20.89M
Ask a Question 2015-10-20.mp3 14.76M
Q 2015-10-25.mp3 17.48M
Ask a Question2015-5-3.mp3 16.09M
Ask a Question2015-7-14.mp3 14.14M
Ask a Question 2015-8-25.mp3 18.98M

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