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/2021/21217. Taoist Nature Meditation Class
Meditation Course Schedule
2016 11 千島湖法工班 道法自然禪修 课程表–中級班.docx 21.96kb
2016 5.28-6.6 Thousand Island Lake Daoist Natural Meditation Course Schedule–Standard 8 Day Intermediate Class.docx 20.88kb
2016 7.6-7.13 Thousand Island Lake Daoist Nature Meditation Course Schedule –7 Day Intermediate Class.docx 21.73kb
2016.04 Thousand Island Lake Meditation Class Schedule 5 Day.doc 52.00kb
Taoist Nature Meditation Related Forms 2016.04 (9 day beginner class).xlsx 119.72kb
Zen in Motion
Zen in Motion
Zen in Motion Yunyang Temple Lite
20150923-1 Zen in Motion in Meditation Mindfulness (47 points) Yabuli Taoist Nature (morning).mp3 44.91M
20151027 Meditation in Motion in Meditation 70min Taiwan Yunyang Temple Meditation Opening.mp3 64.44M
Watching the Breath
20150922-4 The Essentials of Breath Observation Practice (55 points) Abhishek Taoist Nature (Evening).mp3 51.08M
20151026 Breath Watching Practice Essentials (62 points) Taipei Yunyang Temple.mp3 56.89M
Sutra Practice Essentials
20150923-2 Essentials of Sutra Practice (66 points) Yabuli Dao Dharma Nature (Evening).mp3 59.99M
20151028 Sutra Practice Essentials (64 points) Taipei Yunyang Temple (1).mp3 60.02M
20150923-2 Sutra Practice Essentials (1st half 36 min) Abri Dao Dharma Nature (Evening).mp3 32.94M
20150923-3 Sutra Mindfulness (30min) Yabuli Dao Dharma Nature (Evening).mp3 27.42M
20151028 Sutra Mindfulness Taipei Yunyang Temple (44 min. cut).mp3 40.64M
20151028 Sutra Mindfulness (40min) Taipei Yunyang Temple.mp3 38.54M
20151028 Sutra Practice Essentials (74min) Taipei Yunyang Temple (24min indoor playback in the first half).mp3 22.16M
Other commonly used enlightenment audio
20141230 Hualien Zhengfa Temple Meditation Enlightenment: True Unity with the Tao to Come to the Other Side of Nirvana.mp3 62.36M
2015 0922-1 General Principles of Taoist Natural Meditation (55 points) Abhishek (morning).mp3 50.63M
2015 0922-2 How to Do the Tao of Nothing (Afternoon)(50min).mp3 45.22M
2015 0924-1 How to Find the Tao Body Goku Chi is the God of Life (54 min) Abri (am).mp3 49.79M
2015 1003 What is the difference between learning the arts and learning the Tao 51 min Thousand Island Lake Tao Te Ching Meditation Enlightenment.mp3 47.44M
2015 1005 Purification and Evolution of the Human Mind Answers to Student Questions 58min Thousand Island Lake Tao Te Ching Meditation Explanation.mp3 53.48M
20150221 True practice is to take nature as a teacher and follow the path of returning to the truth.
20150724 Replying to the Pure Heart (Two Key Points of Great Peace of Mind: Inviting into the Heart & The Exact Place of Return) with Practical Guidance on How to Come to the Pure Heart Taiwan Yunyang Monastery Meditation Practice Opening.mp3 56.70M
20150927 Outdoor Meditation Experiencing Nature with the Heart 29min Yabuli Daoist Nature Meditation (AM).mp3 25.90M
20151004 Participant Questions Answered Thousand Island Lake Tao Te Ching Meditation Practice Opening.mp3 60.81M
20151006 How to Use the Tao to Assist the Growth of the Next Generation Thousand Island Lake Tao Te Ching Meditation Opening 75min.mp3 68.87M
20151029 How to Practice the Tao 63min cut version Taiwan Yunyang Temple Meditation Opening.mp3 58.12M
20151029 How to Walk the Path 74 Taiwan Yunyang Temple Meditation Instructions.mp3 68.25M
20160306 The Difference Between Body, Phase, and Use Australian Yunyang Temple Dharma Exposition.mp3 59.24M
20160321 Letting go of the ego to correspond with the Tao.
20160322 Doing the Way of Heaven does not require practice.
20160405 Using the Tao to Purify the Mind from the Basics Thousand Island Lake Tao Te Ching Meditation Class.mp3 42.75M
20160407 The Way of Nature is the Healthiest Way to Live Thousand Island Lake Tao Te Ching Meditation Class.mp3 36.58M
20160624 The Tao is not cultivated, but awakened to understand that it is only so Shandong Shouguang Temple Zen….mp3 46.34M
20160707 Comparison of the General Practice and the Practice of Unity with the Way Meditation Practice at Yunyang Temple, Xindian, Taiwan.mp3 44.40M
36 Points on the Common Body of Life and the World of Oneness.mp3 32.73M
6-4 Returning to the Pure Heart (48 points) 2014.04.05 Thousand Island Lake, Hangzhou4.mp3 44.67M
\”To the Void and to the Extreme and to the Stillness\” practice essentials.wav 214.80M
The difference between the Tao and the art 39 points in a concise way Guangxi Shangsi. .mp3 36.30M
Finding the source of life is the only way to be at ease in Australia Yunyang Temple.mp3 56.49M
Video Enlightenment
02 What is the Tao Where is the Tao (above).avi 1.36G
03 What is the Tao Where is the Tao (Middle).avi 1.25G
05 How the Tao relates to our life.avi 1.33G
06 What are the characteristic features of the Tao.avi 1.45G
07 The Reality of Life (1) The Difference Between Appearances and Reality (Fine Cut).mp4 1.63G
08 The Reality of Life (2) Everything that sustains my life existence.mp4 1.22G
09 Lao Tzu Enlightened Mind (above) (with Chinese and English subtitles).mkv 447.42M
09 The Reality of Life (3) Understanding the Grace of Parents in Heaven and Earth (Fine Cut).mp4 1.68G
10 Lao Tzu Enlightened Mind (Next Slideshow) (with Chinese and English subtitles).mkv 453.77M
10 Nature as Teacher (1) The Wisdom and Revelation of Geese.mp4 1.24G
11 Using Nature as a Teacher (2) (Fine Cut).mp4 1.72G
11 Nature as Teacher (1) (with Chinese and English subtitles).mkv 411.38M
12 Nature as Teacher (Next) (with Chinese and English subtitles).mkv 428.09M
20 How to practice in everyday life (next slide) (with Chinese and English subtitles).mkv 441.63M

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