Taiji Internal Power/Taiji Push Hands video materials 3 sets

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/2021/21251. Taiji Nei Gong
Taiji Nei Gong Old Sixth Way Shanghai Training Materials
VID_20160309_Morning01.3gp 1.95G
VID_20160309_Morning02.3gp 858.64M
VID_20160309 Jiang teacher waist gong self-defense demonstration (Xiao Li personally try gong).3gp 138.39M
VID_20160309 晚上-姜老师讲太极的威力.3gp 242.13M
VID_20160309夜-姜老师练腰示範.3gp 115.43M
VID_20160309夜-Practice waist and use waist plate boxing.3gp 1.15G
VID_20160309夜-Practice waist Q&A.3gp 327.71M
VID_20160309 晚上-梁老师指导拳架.3gp 182.57M
VID_20160310_Jiang teaches waist Kung Fu pushing hands in Shanghai.3gp 283.81M
VID_20160310_Teacher Jiang four-two pushes a thousand jin.3gp 426.06M
VID_20160310_Sensei Jiang demonstrates circular tangent force.3gp 107.63M
VID_20160310_Chinese Yin and Yang Culture in Military and Martial Arts.3gp 445.14M
VID_20160310 Late – Mr. Jiang re-tells the key points of waist strength exercise.3gp 177.12M
VID_20160311_Jiang Incredible Kung Fu Demonstration 01.3gp 223.54M
VID_20160311_Teacher Jiang Incredible Kung Fu Demonstration 02.3gp 34.42M
VID_20160311_Sensei Jiang Liang Unbelievable Kung Fu Demonstration.3gp 463.41M
VID_20160311_Teacher Jiang Demonstrates Triangular and Circular Tangent Forces.3gp 2.00G
VID_20160311_Teacher Jiang demonstrates head work.3gp 158.54M
VID_20160311_Mr. Liang demonstrates pile work.3gp 300.06M
VID_20160311_Everyone feels the power of Mr. Jiang mind.3gp 703.89M
VID_20160311_Demonstration of the upper waist in the line of fist.3gp 80.39M
Wei Shurren Taiji Internal Power
IMAGE1.ccd 6.92kb
IMAGE1.cue 1.51kb
IMAGE1.img 452.48M
IMAGE1.sub 18.47M
IMAGE1.ccd 2.01kb
IMAGE1.cue 0.28kb
IMAGE1.img 502.43M
IMAGE1.sub 20.51M
Wei Shuren Pusher
Wei Shurren Pusher 1.wmv 85.94M
Weishuren Pusher 2.rmvb 32.96M
Wei Shu Ren Pusher 3.rmvb 71.68M

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