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/2021/21491. Zhu Chenbin Ancient Divination True Commentary Recording
20120503-YY (Chapter 2 – Chapter 5).mp3 26.45M
20120510-YY (Chapter 6 – Chapter 7).mp3 35.21M
20120517-YY4 (Chapter 8).mp3 31.50M
20120524-YY (Chapter 9).mp3 33.55M
20120531-YY-(Chapter 9-10).mp3 31.10M
20120628-YY-(-Chapter 11)-Determining and Choosing the Gods.mp3 27.26M
20120705-YY (-Chapter 12)-God of the Universal Mind Gua.mp3 23.22M
20120712-YY-(Chapter 13-14)-The Four Factors that Influence the Lines.mp3 22.35M
20120719-YY-(-Chapter 14)–The influence of the sun and moon combination on lines.mp3 24.09M
20120726-YY-(-Chapter 15)-The importance of dynamic combinations and the way prosperity and decay are displayed.mp3 24.48M
20120802-YY-(-Chapter 16)–Analysis of useful moving lines to identify.mp3 30.60M
20120809-YY-(-Chapter 17)–The Application of Compound Movements.mp3 19.38M
20120816-YY-(-Chapter 18).mp3 36.15M
20120823-YY-(-Chapter 19).mp3 24.94M
20120826-YA-(Chapter 20).mp3 29.03M
20120906-YA-(Chapter 21).mp3 36.07M
20120913-YA-(Chapter 22).mp3 43.91M
20120920-YA-(Chapters 22-23).mp3 34.71M
20120927-YY-(Chapter 23)1–The Principles of Judgment of the Jing Gua.mp3 28.49M
20121011-YY-YY-(Chapter 23)2–s Principles of Judgment.mp3 27.42M
20121100-YY-(Chapter 24)–Trigram Analysis 1–Using God Substitute Method.mp3 29.47M
20121101-YY-(Chapter 24)–Gua Yi Analysis 2–Shi Xing Hua Ghost.mp3 30.33M
20121108-YY-(Chapter 24)–Trigram Analysis 3—Building Bridges.mp3 30.58M
20121115-YY-(Chapter 24)–Gua Yi Analysis 4–Substitution.mp3 29.71M
20121122-YY-(Chapter 24)–Trigram Analysis 5–Interline Blocking.mp3 29.13M
20121129-YY-(Chapter 25)-Gua Yi Analysis of the Gods.mp3 35.07M
20121212-YY-(Chapter 26)-0-Functional Role of the Lunar Signs.mp3 21.79M
20121213-YY-(Chapter 26)-1-Functional Role of the Moon Order.mp3 28.91M
20121220-YY-(Chapter 26)-2-Functional Role of the Moon Order.mp3 29.46M
20121227-YY-(Chapter 26)-3-Functional Role of the Moon Order.mp3 33.57M
20130117-YY-(Chapter 27)-1-The Function of the Sun Order.mp3 27.09M
20130131-YY-(Chapter 27)-2 The Function of the Day Order.mp3 27.46M
20130221-YY-(Chapter 27)-3-Function of the Day Order.mp3 25.59M
20130307-YY-(Chapter 27)-4-Functions of the Day Order.mp3 34.63M
20130321-YY-(Chapter 28)–1 Applications of the Lenten Theory.mp3 27.18M
20130411-YY-(Chapter 28)–2 Applications of the Lenten Void Theory.mp3 26.96M
20130425-YY-(Chapter 28)–3 Applications of the Lenten Void Theory.mp3 26.24M
20130509-YY-(Chapter 29)–1 The Six Punch Theory.mp3 38.26M
20130523-YY-(Chapter 29)–2 Six-Punch Theory.mp3 31.83M
20130606-YY-(Chapter 30)—-1 The Theory of Hexagrams.mp3 35.60M
20130627-YY-(Chapter 30)—-2 Hex Theory.mp3 28.77M
20130712-YY-(Chapter 31)–1 Hexagram Theory.mp3 32.71M
20130801-YY-YA-(Chapter 31)–2 Hexachord and Hexachord Mutualization.mp3 23.73M
20130815-YY-(Chapter 32)–45What is the God of Wife and Son?.mp3 29.87M
20130905-YY-(Chapter 32)–The Application of the Theory of the Three Harmonies 2.mp3 27.50M
20131010-YY-(Chapter 32))–Applications of the Triad Theory3.mp3 31.22M
20131101-YY-(Chapter 32)–The Triadic Bureau in the Should Period Detail Layer.mp3 43.33M
20131126-YY-(Chapter 33).mp3 35.72M
20131210-YY-(Chapter 33).mp3 47.78M
20140114-YA-(Chapter 34).mp3 37.02M
20140121-YA-(Chapter 34).mp3 43.85M
20140211-YA-(Chapter 35).mp3 41.37M
20140225-YY-(Chapter 35).mp3 37.21M
20140311-YY-(Chapter 35).mp3 33.08M
20140401-YY-(Chapter 36).mp3 40.24M
20140415-YA-(Chapter 36).mp3 25.02M
20140429-YA-(Chapter 36 – Chapter 37).mp3 38.38M
20140520-YY-YA-(Chapter 37).mp3 34.85M
20140527-YA-(Chapter 37-Chapter 38).mp3 33.31M
20140603-YA-(Chapter 38).mp3 33.11M
20140617-YY-(Chapter 39)–The Theory of Voodoo God 1.mp3 45.10M
20140624-YA-(Chapter 39).mp3 24.66M
20140708-YY-(Chapter 39).mp3 37.77M
20140715-YY-YY-(Chapter 40) –1 lines are still, lines are moving, and the moon is broken.mp3 40.41M
20140729-YY-(Chapter 40)–2 ten days empty, meet together, moving moon together, a single, change lines, into and out,.mp3 37.98M
20140805-YY-(Chapter 40)—3Three co three graves three penalties against the volt Yin – lines volt, too prosperous, more present.mp3 37.33M
20140818-YY-(Chapter 40)—4The common principles of inferring the due period.mp3 35.21M
R~ER$32PQJI4JS]WC5$O5HO.amr 13.54kb
The book of the ancient divination of the true hermeneutics of Yi Li Zhu Chenbin.pdf 2.02M
The General Theory of Divination Zhu Chenbin.pdf 2.04M
Zhu Chenbin《 Adding and Deleting Divination Yi》 Gua Commentary_205 Cases.pdf 1.18M

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