Zhengfantang Rapid Memory Method Basic 7 episodes Advanced 8 episodes

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Information name: Zhengfantang Fast Memory Method Basic 7 episodes Advanced 8 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22515. Zhengfantang Rapid Memory Method Basic 7 Episodes Advanced 8 Episodes 4.38G
Zhengfantang Mnemonics Basic Course (7 episodes)
Lesson 1: Simple applications of practical mnemonics and how to memorize phone numbers.mp4 517.42M
Lesson 2: The 36 Strategies of Quick Memory.mp4 444.10M
Lesson 3: Quickly memorize products and prices.mp4 367.86M
Lesson 4: Body Staking Mnemonics.mp4 241.17M
Lesson 5: Storytelling Mnemonics.mp4 213.80M
Lesson 6: Quickly memorize faces and avatars.mp4 205.89M
Lesson 7: Summary and Q&A.mp4 259.94M
Advanced Mnemonics Course (8 episodes)
1. Introduction to advanced mnemonics techniques and their applications.avi 413.43M
2. Abstraction to concrete core techniques and relaxation training.mp4 301.36M
3. Image Memory Advanced Techniques and Quick Memory Playing Card Techniques.mp4 276.12M
4. Labyrinth Training and Mnemonic Memory Techniques.mp4 258.13M
5. Memory Palace and Internal Visual Training Techniques.mp4 358.00M
6. Meditation Training and Rapid English Word Memorization Techniques.mp4 343.78M
7. The application of mnemonic techniques.mp4 168.16M
8. Thinking Map Application and Q&A.mp4 287.32M

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