Fenglin Sect Taoist taboo word high dimensional technique application

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The word taboo is an important part of the knowledge of Chinese Tao culture, and its three components, together with the token and the Dharma seal, constitute a distinct difference from other inherited cultures, with distinct Chinese characteristics.

The word taboo is a mystical script that serves as a counterpart in the Taoist genealogy of the Heavenly Immortals, and can also be called the symbol of the Heavenly. For example, in the classical literature <Zhu Yu 13 sections> we can see a lot of taboo characters. There are nearly 3,000 of them, and those who can collect and study them well are often well known and respected in the Taoist lineage. The word \”taboo\” is the hidden name of the sky. The word \”taboo\” is the hidden name of God. In addition, in the Taoist lineage, the effect of taboo characters is the signature of a god or an ancestor. The signature of the master is drawn on the corresponding taboo character, which means that the corresponding ancestor. The corresponding ancestor has given his consent. After a talisman is drawn according to the prescribed procedure and writing method, if there is no taboo character, it will not have the power of a talisman. From this we can see the great importance of the word taboo. In the past, the word \”taboo\” was not written down on paper, but was mostly passed down by word and word of mouth.

During the May Day holiday, Min Zhen Daoist has added a special course on the application of high-dimensional techniques of taboo characters, which will be taught by word and example, and will teach everyone the application of high-dimensional techniques of taboo characters in their work, life and career. This is a class that has never been taught before in recent times, down to the origin, deep and clear, and simple.

Learning content:
I: How to use the word \”taboo\” to dispel. The body is protected from disease
Two: How to use the word taboo to get rid of. Luck
Three: How to use the word \”taboo\” to.. solve wind. Water shape. Furies
Four: How to use the word \”taboo\” to resolve.. solve the official. Non
Five: How to use the word \”secret\” to promote. Want male children
Six: the use of taboo words to promote the popularity of the shop
Seven: How to use the word \”invisible\” to promote the luck of the people
Eight: How to use the word \”taboo\” to. Solve the fish sting stuck in the throat
Nine: Use the word \”taboo\” to add. The energy of holding jewelry

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