Luo Tian Sensei Shenxiao School of Magick III (five-day course)

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1、Shenxiao Sa Zu Mantra Jujube Technique (In the past, Sa Zu got three methods, one of which is the Mantra Jujube Technique, it is said that Sa Zu used this method to heal and save people back then, and also today it is passed on to the world, may this method be able to degree people.)
2. The five-minded fan (can cure diseases, exorcise the evil and help the righteous, and then use the \”five-minded fan\” blessed with mantras to fan the foci of disease, then the disease can be cured.)
(The fan is then directed at the site of the disease with the mantra.
3. The first of these is the \”Magic of the Gods\”.
The method is very powerful.
4. Gods of the sky five thunderbolts of life and death pro-quest decree (to invite the ancestor, send demon filth, is one of the secret method of the Gods of the sky school to exorcise the cure, regardless of the immortal ghosts and monsters are effective.)
5. Five thunder iron boat repatriation to collect the demon section (Shenxiao School secret sect sect, ten break the evil gods, line with this method can repatriate ghosts and demons.)
6. The thunder astral to the secret method of the purpose (this method is used to take the astral raw evil gas, long-term practice this method can drive away evil and cure disease, but also to increase the ability of their own genitals.)
The following are some examples of the techniques used in the practice
7. The first of these is the \”God Heavenly Thunder\” method (this method is used to ask the high spiritual saints to protect the disciples under the altar, which can make the ancient immortal teacher blessing, but also can be used before the performance of the symbols to do the section.)
8. The method is used to refine the altar, but the immortal gods on the altar often protect the disciple to perform the law thousand calls, often refining the altar ancestor support, invite the gods to the gods, called will come.
9. The fire rhinoceros to drive away the disease and destroy the devil (this is the first of the divine sky to cure the disease and save people, perform the monastic practice to get immortal true silent blessing, long practice this method to cure the disease incredible.)
The first of these is to get the blessing of the immortals.
10. The Gods of the sky hidden body cross thunder method (the secret of the Gods of the sky sect, hidden soul in the thunder power, the evil can not find, if there is a strong evil to find, five thunder scattered


11. The method of the golden bell to nourish the air thunder Dan (this method is the secret science of health, everyone can practice in this, nourish this body, a hundred diseases do not enter, long life, cultivation of immortality and refining the truth, subdue the devil to control the evil, not based on this.)
12. Gods of the sky mixed body silent practice thunder moving God method (this is the thunder within the refinement, practice this method requires ultra-high will, practice this method is incomparable, exorcise evil are small problems, many ancestors have practiced this method in the body, mixed heaven and earth thunder machine, internal refinement into Dan, external use into the art, the head of the sky and feet, the limbs of the four seasons, five organs for the five elements, their own incarnation for the thunder of the Avenue. )

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