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\”The reason is that the finger technique is more powerful and faster than the incantation or talisman, it not only has immediate effect, but also does not require any preparation. In the past, professional old mage have hidden a few of their own bottom of the finger trick not to pass on, in addition to the emergency can protect their lives, if necessary, can also be used to repel the evil evil Yin law, even if the body does not have any paper and pen magic weapon can still play out the power, so the finger trick this energy and effect powerful bottom of the secret treasure has been as the secret method of various sects. Learned the finger tips, whether it is the future line of law painting talisman, cloth feng shui array, fighting magic fighting evil, etc., can be greatly enhanced on the original basis of energy and effectiveness, quickly strengthen the spirit of induction, ancestor induction. The subtleties of which, all out of the actual battle.
This time Ji Shi Taoist will selflessly, systematically and comprehensively, pass out the secret method of the finger techniques learned from various schools, many finger techniques with the whole set of talisman and spell to pass out so that we can use in practice. There are also some finger tips is most of the secret of the secret of the secret of the secret of the method, whether it is the actual combat teacher, or beginner white, a learning will be, a use of the spirit. The people who learn the law will all get the right to pass on the law. Hope that the learned Taoist cherish.
The first time I saw this, I was able to get to the top of the list, and I was able to get to the top of the list. Promote traditional culture and merit
I. Hair-lighting method
This method does not need to cultivate, over the law both spirit, the body emits light, automatic protection of their usual practice gongfu first emitted light, all evil will not invade, the ancestor deity protection under the yin, view fallen yin, check things before the law essential with the technique, hair light can not only protect the body, but also strengthen the induction, more use, the wonderful use of infinite

Two Vajra finger method
This method can be used in combination with a variety of mantras, will have a different magical effect,
It can also be used in emergencies or when you are alone to write charms in the air to ward off evil spirits

It is a necessary method for monastic people to travel and stay at home.
The following are some of the most important charms
Three Ancestor Guidance
This method can be used to chant the incantation before each other to ask the ancestor of Laojun to descend to protect
The Venerable Master Shen Shu played the table to send ultimatums can pass through unimpeded, the text of the spell upload, perform the law spiritual experience

Usually chanting sutra chanting with this method can increase the merit and increase the power of the law wish power, a long time with the power of the law merit since the increase, the masters perform the law more spiritual. This method is suitable for all sects of the Dharma lineage use, all have to perform the law to strengthen the role

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1. Hair Light Method
1. The method of hair light.docx 105.78kb
Hair Light Method.mp3 1.50M
2. Vajra finger method
2. Vajra finger method.docx 257.13kb
Vajra finger method.mp3 983.39kb
The left hand is the Lingguan technique and the right hand is the Vajra technique.mp4 3.69M
3. Ancestor finger method
3. Ancestor finger method.docx 367.81kb
Ancestor Finger.mp4 1.58M
Ancestor finger method.mp3 1.78M
4. The method of solving feng shui eye brakes (egg)
Guan Shifu silent statue of the Master – Dong Liyan.jpg 171.63kb
The method of solving feng shui eye fatalities (over the method is spiritual).docx 205.87kb
The method of solving feng shui eye bane (all-purpose all-spirit).mp3 3.79M
Demonstration of tapping.mp4 1.81M
Answers (important explanation).mp3 11.87M
Answer.docx 107.71kb
A Burn of True Incense – Build with Power – Offerings with Power.mp3 1.36M
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