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The so-called lotus flower talisman head on the market now are all the talisman law of the House, and the family is very different, here pass down
This method is the real 63 generations of the old Tian Shi family talisman law, not the market so-called lotus talisman head of the law of the House transmission method, the family transmission of the great power of the utility, is the House transmission and the other can not be compared.
The main reason for this is that
This is to promote the law of Tao, so please ask the teacher to ask the name, the party is ready to pass down, the teacher has played the teaching of the great cave of Shangqing scriptures Peiji for many years, is the highest law position of Taoism is one, Department of Qing Wei Tian three mountain division of the word Ding generation.
1. The first sky first general Wang Yuanshuai charm law. This talisman method has multiple uses, can drive away evil can fight the villain can town can security, this method has a variety of different secret use, is not comparable to the market.
The first one is the one that can be used for the purpose of the following
2. The secret of this talisman is that the earth will be the general Wen Taibao. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.
This talisman can not only protect and cure the evil spirits, but also isolate the disease.
3. This talisman is a secret to promote birth and birth preservation. This talisman can cure diseases, prolong life and also promote birth and birth, one talisman is multi-purpose, which is a secret passed down from generation to generation in the Tianshifu family.
The secret is passed down from generation to generation.
4. The secret of the Dragon and Tiger Xuan Tan Zhao A.D. Marshal talisman. This talisman also has a variety of uses, can be and business, and feelings, can also be through the ghost, can also protect the body Zhen house, but also can retreat the villain, seeking school, seeking money into the treasure.
5. A hundred solutions talisman. The three edicts of the hundred solution to resolve all the difficulties, can be used to resolve the difficulties of transit, can also be used to resolve the Taiyang, this talisman can be resolved all the doom.
This talisman can be used to solve all problems.
6. Ancestral qi, magic tools to enrich, invite the teacher text. These are the necessary steps to draw the talisman, the law of the ancestral gas is wonderfully difficult to exhaust, here to give you the name of the choke to let you learn the real thing.
The method is to use the innate air to awaken the spirit and nourish the vital energy, which can lead the five qi to the yuan, regulate the body in various qi and blood conditions, can prolong life, eliminate diseases and disasters.

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