Penglai Xiaoxian 《 Taoist three worlds to check the law of things 》 worlds three to check the law of things is a direct way to find out the impact of your health, luck, marriage and other kinds of bad reasons

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Information name: Penglai Xiaoxian 《 Taoist three worlds to check the matter method》 The three worlds to check the matter is a direct way to find out the cause of all the bad things affecting your health, luck, marriage, etc.

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The three methods to find out the causes of your health, luck, marriage, etc.

This three worlds: one is the previous life, two ancestors is the first, three is personal afterlife.
The three worlds check the matter method is to open the altar to respectfully invite the Heavenly Doctor ancestral door master and the spirits of the Heavenly Doctor door, the Heavenly Doctor door gods and goddesses blessing, by playing the trigrams to the current unfavorable to the blessing of the three worlds factors to find out.
The spirit of the gods is not open to the light hidden positive position, whether too much debt before the world, not enough good fortune, whether to kill or not to live more, whether the evil, possession, cursed by others. Ancestral graves, whether there are bogeys in the yin house, etc. Whether there is possession of injustice wrapped around the body of the soul, whether there is a murderous death of a person relatives need to super to degree, is there a miscarriage of children need to super to degree, is the previous life master debt The person will be able to collect the debt.
The following is a list of the three checks
The three check boundary affairs method to list all the problems, and then one by one to solve the symptoms of the decision: such as repaying the Yin debt, replenish the Yang Yin Treasury, open the door of wealth, eliminating the injustice of the previous life, over the fetal spirit, adjusting the ancestral graves, house Yang Bu adjustment bureau The method is to be used to solve all the problems.
The method is also used to check the boundary matters.
Three check the boundary matter method is also through the human-god communication, find all kinds of bad reasons, establish agreement how to solve…… finally all happy. You can quickly reach the purpose of changing the prosperity and wealth of the government.

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Information about the Three Realms Checking Method
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