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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/10/22B10029. Li Shouli Hexagrams
by Li Shouli. 《 Zhou Yi Interpretation》 in three volumes, 《 Zhou Yi Key》 in two volumes
《Zhou Yi》經传问答集-发布版20220918.pdf 18.09M
Li Shouli by 《Zhou Yi Key》 Volume II, Lanzhou University Press 2016.pdf 147.67M
By Li Shouli 《 Zhou Yi Key》 Volume I, Lanzhou University Press 2016.pdf 123.41M
By Li Shouli 《Interpretation of the Zhou Yi》 Volume II, Lanzhou University Press 2016.pdf 126.35M
Li Shouli by 《Interpretation of the Zhou Yi》 Volume III, Lanzhou University Press 2016.pdf 128.62M
Li Shouli 《Interpretation of Zhou Yi》 Volume I, Lanzhou University Press 2016.pdf 111.14M
Zhai Kuifeng. 《Interpretation of Zhou Yi》 《Introduction to Zhou Yi Key》 [J]. Zhouyi Studies, 2017 (No. 4)..pdf 113.04kb
01-1 Qian Gua First: Qian for Heaven – Performing the Yi Answer 20210410.mp3 41.39M
01-2帛书《易传》乾坤集解之乾:演易答疑20210417.mp3 72.18M
01-《Series Upload》 Chapter 1 20200711.mp3 65.58M
02-1 Kun Gua 2nd: Kun is the Earth – Evolution of Yi Answer 20210424.mp3 58.15M
02-2帛书《易传》乾坤集解之坤:演易答疑20210501.mp3 55.12M
02-《Series Upload》Chapters 2 and 3 20200718.mp3 78.41M
03-《Series Upload》 Chapters 4-7 20200725.mp3 63.73M
03-《Tun Gua Chapter 3: Shui Lei Tun – Acting on the Yi Answers 20210508.mp3 43.74M
04-《Series Upload》 Chapter 8 20200801.mp3 50.35M
04-《Meng Gua IV: Shan Shui Meng – Acting Yi Q&A 20210515.mp3 35.01M
05-《Series Upload》 Chapter 9 and 11 20200808.mp3 61.44M
05-《Needs Gua 5th: Water Sky Needs-Example 20210522.mp3 55.46M
06-《Series Upload》 Chapter 10 20200816.mp3 60.39M
06-Litigation Gua VI: Heavenly Water Litigation – Acting Yi Q&A 20210529.mp3 57.91M
07-《Series Upload》 Chapter 12 20200822.mp3 52.42M
07-师卦第七:地水师-演易答疑20210605.mp3 51.06M
08-《Series of the next transmission》 Chapter 1, 3, 4 20200829.mp3 64.64M
08 – Bi Gua VIII: Water and Earth than – Evolution Answers 20210612.mp3 58.45M
09-《Series of the next transmission》 Chapter 2 20200905.mp3 34.45M
09- Small animal trigram ninth: windy days small animal-evolving Yi answer questions 20210619.mp3 70.66M
10-Discovering the mystery of the xiangxu diagrams of the 《Series of the Lower Biographies》 \”The Thirteen Trigrams\” 20200912.mp3 50.65M
10-The tenth trigram: Tianze Cushion – Evolution of the Yi Answer 20210626.mp3 58.04M
11-《Series of the Lower Transmission》 Chapter 5 and 6 20200919.mp3 51.39M
11-Tai Gua XI: Earth and Sky Tai – Answers to 20210703.mp3 72.15M
12-《Series of the Lower Transmission》 Chapter 7 and 11 20200926.mp3 57.31M
12-《Fu Gua XII: Heaven and Earth No – Evolution Answers 20210710.mp3 72.24M
13-《Series of the Lower Transmission》 Chapter 8, 9, 10 20201011.mp3 70.58M
13-同人卦十三:天火同人-演易答疑20210717.mp3 61.63M
14-《Tieda Xia Chuan》 Chapter 12 20201017 Day.mp3 47.55M
14-Da You Gua XIV: Fire Heaven Da You-Exercise Yi Answer Question 20210724.mp3 60.33M
15-Discovering the Mystery of the Structure of the 《Series》 Arrangement20201024.mp3 55.15M
15-Qian Gua XV: Di Shan Qian – Evolution of Yi Answer 20210731.mp3 65.96M
16-Discovering the mysteries of the eleventh and seventh cases of the hexagram sequence 20201031.mp3 53.86M
16-Yu Gua XVI: Lei Di Yu – Evolution of Yi Answer 20210807.mp3 56.92M
17-《Following Gua》 Mystery of the Structure of the Elephant Numbers20201108.mp3 57.83M
17-Following the trigram XVII: Zelay Sui-evolutionary answers 20210814.mp3 50.94M
18 – Compass Gua XVIII: Mountain Wind Compass – Acting Yi Q&A 20210821.mp3 41.31M
18-Said Gua biography interpretation of the eight trigrams of the trigram symbol, initial image, trigram virtue, trigram name and class image (on) 20201114.mp3 64.75M
19-Lin Gua Nineteenth: Earth Zephyr Lin – Evolution Answers 20210828.mp3 36.34M
19-Said Gua biography interpretation of the eight trigrams of the trigram symbol, initial image, trigram virtue, trigram name and class image (below) 20201121.mp3 53.93M
20-viewing the trigrams twentieth: wind and earth view-evolutionary answers 20210904.mp3 44.76M
20-Saying Gua Chuan Interpretation Theory《Saying Gua Chuan 》 of \”borrowed images\” and \”escaped images\” 20201912.mp3 57.44M
21-Deciphering the laws of the sequence of the trigrams of the 《Sequence of the trigrams of the biographies of the Fuxi Precession and the relationship between the sequence of the trigrams of the 《Zhou Yi》 20201205.mp3 48.44M
21-Epigraph XXI: Fire and Lightning Eating Stone-Enacting the Yi Answers 20210911.mp3 40.06M
22-《 Zhou Yi》 Hexagrams Structure Law 20201212.mp3 53.95M
22 – Ben Gua XXII: Mountain Fire Ben – Evolution of Yi Q&A 20210919.mp3 39.88M
23 – stripped trigrams twenty-three: mountain stripped – the performance of the answer to the question 20210925.mp3 50.35M
23-The Miscellaneous Gua biography \”mutual body\”, \”three talents\” way 202019.mp3 52.84M
24-Discovering the relationship between 《Miscellaneous Gua Chuan》 and 《Guizang》20201226.mp3 60.95M
24-Fugua XXIV: Mine Repeated-Exercise Yi Answer 20211002.mp3 48.69M
25-《Miscellaneous trigrams 》 trigram sequence misleading thirty-two house chart and the great over ascension chart 20210102.mp3 54.93M
25 – Wu Delusion Gua twenty-fifth: the sky thunder Wu Delusion – the evolution of the answer to the question 20211010.mp3 52.80M
26-Dazu Gua XXVI: Shantian Dazu – Acting Yi Q&A 20211016.mp3 29.90M
26- On 《The Secret Book of 《The Zhou Yi》 Untold Secret Book 《The Elephant in the Room》20210116.mp3 45.13M
27-Discovery of Lao Tzu reading of the manuscript of 《Zhou Yi – Yi Xiang》 《Wen Zi – Shang De》 20210123.mp3 57.80M
27- Yi Gua XXVII: Shan Lei Yi-Exercise Yi Answers 20211023.mp3 53.38M
28-The Great Passage 28: The Great Passage of the Zephyr Wind – Answers to 20211030.mp3 36.66M
28-Tasteful Biographies of this 《Ease》 Just Born Moment to 《Zeng Zi – Heavenly Circle》 as the Center 20210130.mp3 57.74M
29-Kan Gua XXIX: Kan is Water-Exercise Yi Answer 20211106.mp3 40.38M
29- Combing the development of 《Ease》 with Zisi 《ZhongYong》 as the center 20210206.mp3 53.16M
30-《Easy》 and 《Chunqiu》 as the highest achievement of Confucius in his later years 20210221.mp3 38.15M
30-li Gua Thirty: Li for fire-Exercise Yi Answer 20211113.mp3 40.61M
31-Ham Gua XXXI: Zeshan Xian-Exercise Yi Answer 20211120.mp3 52.31M
31 – Zi Xia Yi Studies and the relationship between the Pali《 Yi》 (above) 20210221.mp3 26.67M
32 – Heng Gua XXXII: Lei Feng Heng – Evolution of Yi Answer 20211127.mp3 39.71M
32-The relationship between Zi Xia Yi Studies and Paleo《 Yi》 (below) 20210227.mp3 40.23M
33-From the Pali Book《Ease》 to the Biographic Book《Ease》20210303.mp3 55.86M
33- Dunning Gua XXXIII: Tianshan Dunning-Exercise Yi Answer 20211204.mp3 48.19M
34-Dajiang Gua XXXIV: Thunder Sky Dajiang – Acting Yi Ans. 20211211.mp3 37.35M
34-论论《系辞下傳》第十一章和第九章文字的演变20210313日.mp3 57.31M
35-帛书《衷》论 \”刚柔 \”20210320.mp3 47.94M
35-Jin Gua XXXV: Fireland Jin – Evolution of Yi Answers 20211218.mp3 42.58M
36-帛书《易传》 母本竹简脱落与修复 帛书《衷》尾题 \”二千 \”的謎20210327.mp3 50.76M
36-MingYi trigram 36: earth and fire MingYi-evolving Yi answer questions 20211225.mp3 37.85M
37-\”Elephant\” in the palace book 《Series》 Why \”Horse\”?
37 – family trigram 37: wind and fire family – the answer to the question 20220101.mp3 54.48M
38-Partial trigram XXXVIII: fire and water partially – the performance of the answer to the question 20220108.mp3 45.48M
39 – Jian Gua thirty-ninth: water mountain Jian – the performance of the answer to the question 20220116.mp3 49.60M
40 – Solve the fortieth trigram: thunder and water solution – the performance of the answer to the question 20220122.mp3 44.11M
41-Loss Gua XLI: Mountain and water loss – Yi Yi Q&A 20220212.mp3 45.25M
42-Yi Gua 42: Feng Lei Yi – Answers to Questions 20220219.mp3 47.81M
43 – Decisive Trigram 43: Decisive in the Sky – Q&A 20220226.mp3 41.33M
44 – Copulation, the 44th trigram: The wind copulates – Answers to questions 20220305.mp3 39.02M
45-Cui Gua XLV: Zedi Zui – Answers to Questions 20220313.mp3 46.71M
46 – The Forty-sixth Trigram: The Earth and Wind Ascending – Answers to Questions 20220319.mp3 48.64M
47-The forty-seventh trigram: the water is trapped in the water – the answer to the question 20220326.mp3 43.11M
48-Well Gua 48: Water and Wind Well-Example 20220403.mp3 50.47M
49-ge Gua 49: Zephyr Fire Ge – Show Yi Answer 20220409.mp3 49.76M
50-Ding Gua 50: Fire and Wind Ding – Answers to Questions 20220416.mp3 52.37M
51- Zhen Gua 51: Zhen for Thunder – Answers 20220423.mp3 45.26M
52-Guang Gua 52: Burgundy is Mountain – Answers to Questions 20220430.mp3 56.96M
53 – Gradual Gua 53: Wind and Mountain Gradual – Answers 20220508.mp3 46.98M
54-Guiemei Gua 54: Lei Ze Guiemei – Acting Yi Q&A-20220514.mp3 48.69M
55-Feng Gua 55: Thunder and Fire Feng – Answers to Questions-20220521.mp3 56.16M
56- Travel Gua 56: Volcano Brigade-Evolutionary Q&A 20220528.mp3 58.02M
57-Xun Gua 57: Sundown is the wind – the answer to the question 20220604.mp3 48.31M
58- Gua 58: Tui is Ze – Answers 20220612.mp3 39.02M
59 – Lax Gua 59: Feng Shui Lax – Acting Yi Q&A 20220618.mp3 51.79M
60- Section Gua 60: Water and Water Section – Acting Yi Q&A 20220625.mp3 67.37M
61 – Zhong Fu Gua 61: Feng Ze Zhong Fu – Acting Yi Q&A 20220702.mp3 46.55M
62-Small Passage Gua 62: Thunder Mountain Small Passage-Answers 20220709.mp3 51.55M
63-既济卦第六十三:水火既济-演易答疑20220716.mp3 51.95M
64-未济卦64:火水未济-演易答疑20220723.mp3 48.30M

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