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Taoist trigram asking things [trigram gold book 】 3 books a set, the method of playing trigram party. Used to ask the divine trigrams, things do not work smoothly ask trigrams, marriage ask trigrams, accounting for asking things trigrams and so on. Through the three different kinds of trigrams can be found to find out what we want to know. Throw trigrams are seeking to endow the gods, through the Yang people seek, the results of the Yang people seek through like trigrams embodied, the Yang people according to the image of the trigrams directly to the fruit or the trigrams into a comprehensive line After a comprehensive analysis and then get the results.
Folk Tuan Gong, geography Yin Yang master, etc. are used to play the method of trigrams. Used to ask the gods to ask the trigrams, career problems ask the trigrams, marriage ask the trigrams, accounting for things ask the trigrams and so on. Through the three different trigrams can find out what we want to know. Throwing trigrams is to seek the divine endowment, through the yang people seek, the results of the yang people through the trigram image embodied, the yang people according to the trigram directly to the results or comprehensive analysis of the trigram before the results.
Three kinds of trigrams: yang trigram, yin trigram, holy trigram.
Throw method: for something or a cause to the gods to ask for a break, must first burn incense worship prayer, explain the reason. And then the right hand to hold a pair of holy trigrams tip, up a little throw, trigrams naturally fall to the ground, will show a holy cup of trigrams, general temples and Taoist temples ask things a trigram to break the auspiciousness, get holy trigrams for the auspiciousness, other fierce. There are also three throws to get a combination of trigrams. Then according to the combination of trigrams corresponding to find the contents of the trigram break, judging the good and bad things.

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