Pure Yang Gong one, two, three course video collection of 31 episodes

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Information name: Pure Yang Gong 1,2,3 course video collection of 31 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/11/22B11013. Three Parts of Pure Yang Gong
《Pure Yang Kung Fu 2nd 》 Fixing the Essence and Nourishing the Spirit [Core Must Practice
12.11. Introduction to Pure Yang Kung Fu Triple.mp4 55.94M
13.10. Heart Sutra Fast Version [listen after seven days].mp4 32.26M
14.9. Slow version of the Heart Sutra [listen in the first week].mp4 32.35M
15.8. Latest addition to Underwater Wheel.mp4 46.16M
16.7. Peach Blossom Top Secret Method.mp4 22.54M
17.5. Refining Essence and Transforming Qi.mp4 23.69M
18.4. Advanced Breathing Method.mp4 34.09M
19.3. Pure Yang Gong Shaking the Inner and Outer Kidneys.mp4 22.21M
20.2. The First Heavenly Enlightenment.mp4 17.26M
21.1. Pure Yang Gong 2 Introduction to Solidifying the Essence and Nourishing the Spirit.mp4 31.19M
Pure Yang Gong 1
1. Introduction to Pure Yang Kung Fu.mp4 33.84M
2.2. Taoist Stretching Technique.mp4 63.10M
2. Making Money Easier.mp4 66.70M
3. Pure Yang Breathing Technique.mp4 21.64M
4. Pure Yang Qi Strengthening Method.mp4 32.81M
5. The details of the breathing method.mp4 10.40M
6. Introduction to Pure Yang Gong II [Core Must Practice].mp4 31.19M
7. Introduction to Pure Yang Kung Fu Triple.mp4 55.65M
8.. Pure Yang Kung Fu Two Introduction [Core Must Practice].mp4 31.19M
9. Introduction to Pure Yang Kung Fu Triple.mp4 55.28M
Pure Yang Kung Fu Triple [Convergence and Harmony]
1.1. Introduction to Pure Yang Power Triple.mp4 57.20M
10.10. This is enough for parents to practice these.mp4 13.97M
11.11. Answering Questions from Students.mp4 23.08M
2.2. The Pure Yang Gong System.mp4 29.11M
3.3. Opening the Tendons and Points.mp4 35.59M
4.4. Breathwork Deactivation and Transactivation.mp4 26.88M
5.5. Dragon play pearl catching dragon tendon.mp4 48.15M
6.6. The Way of Art and Numbers.mp4 27.67M
7.7. The Ultimate Mystery of Suspension.mp4 44.43M
8.8. Shoot the Eight Locks.mp4 51.86M
9.9. The Tao of Secret Play Cai Yin and Yang.mp4 40.20M

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