Jiang Jingchuan’s “Iron Edition of God and Numbers” Volume 1 and 2

PDF e-book download of Jiang Jingchuan’s “Iron Edition of Divine Numbers and Positive Theory” Volume 1 and 2. Introduction About this book The iron version of the gods was created in the Song Dynasty and flourished in Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty. number. The popular set-in method and dry-set matching…

Jiang Jingchuan’s “Iron Version of Shenshuzhenglun” PDF e-book download.


About this book, the iron version of God’s Numbers was formed in the Song Dynasty and flourished in Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty. The divine number of wealth officials and longevity. The author believes that the current popular method of inserting and divining hexagrams is an obstacle to getting started. In order to crack the iron version of the magic number, one must master the ancient entering method, and explore the Kunji dense circle, and seek the unknown fortune through the known. Like the ancients, it will show the ups and downs of life truthfully. This book recompiles the 12,000-article engraved version of Daoguang’s “Magic Calculation on Iron Plate Numbers” in the Qing Dynasty, and lists the code table of Kunji. As long as it is used with the deduction method, the secret of the divine number can be unlocked. The author has been obsessed with metaphysics and Taoism since he was a child, and he has spared no expense to travel far to Guanshan to obtain the true secrets of metaphysics. Now he is writing this book to share his experience with everyone, and to restore the true face of numerology. division.


There are many kinds of Chinese spells, such as Ziwei Doushu, Ziping Bazi, Da Liuren, Qimen, etc., but the most strict secret is the iron version of the magic number. The successor of this knowledge is more than other techniques The school of numerology cherishes the number of their sect even more. The reason is that the iron version of the gods occupies a relatively high position in numerology. “Magic number craze” has attracted countless lovers of magic numbers to study hard, but they can’t get in in the end. The most fascinating part of the iron version of the magic number is that it can definitely calculate the information of your six relatives. Therefore, the iron version of the magic number is the most secret knowledge in Chinese magic. As for the calculation of this magic number Traditionally, apart from passing it on to his apprentices, others have kept their mouths shut. If there is no teacher to pass it on, he can only learn one and a half moves at most. No matter how you attack him, he will not argue, just because he is afraid of revealing the slightest word. The strict keeping of secrets has cast a veil of mystery on this unique knowledge, thus creating a group of “famous teachers” who use the name of iron version of gods to deceive and make money. The works and lecture notes are even more misleading, which makes the students fall into the fog and cannot extricate themselves. It is really embarrassing! The deeper things are, the essence is very simple, but very simple things are easy to lose, the avenue is in front of you, the road is at your feet, but people don’t think so, and the calculation method of the iron version of the gods is the same as the above principle, only people with a little understanding, Only then did I feel that it was a complex calculation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Midwinter of Jiashen Year Jiang Jingchuan Sincerely Recognize

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Changhai Old Man Mentioned Words by Chen Xu Zheng Xu Self-Preface The relationship between the password table and the deduction method is the function of the blank text, which is the soft shield of the Hong Kong Ziwei Yang Ping anti-addition and subtraction number and the Jinshui Abacus number. Mysteries hidden in the articles of the Brothers Brothers, calculating the secrets of the laws of fleeting years, decoding the secrets of age flow, discovering the secrets of Kunji, the calculation and demonstration of the number of iron editions, interlocking with each other, thousands of hundred and ten iron editions, and the case of iron editions, one Qing and Daoguang edition 12,000 Articles Anthology Kunji Password Table Postscript Author’s Profile

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