Master De’an Chen Yan’an “Pray for Replenishment Money Bank DIY”

Download the PDF e-book “Pray for Replenishment Money Bank DIY” by Master De’an Chen Yan’an. (Please refer to the screenshot below for the clarity of the content) Introduction Heaven is destiny

Dharma master Chen Yan’an “Prayer for Replenishment Bank DIY” PDF e-book download. (Please refer to the screenshot below for the clarity of the content)


Heaven is destined to be a little bit, and it is not involuntary to shape Fengshui to save the world and to save people. There are many so-called “media school” feng shui and numerology masters in the market. They are full of eloquence and superb performances, but Master De is still the same as himself and seeks truth from facts. The character and sentiment of the one who speaks a word to help the world is admirable. Theoretically speaking, Master De’an has learned from the past and the present, and is inclusive. From a practical point of view, Master De’an has read countless people and knows things like a god. It is said that there must be “three masters” around a person-physician, lawyer, and Fengshui numerologist. Knowing Master De’an can benefit you a lot, and one master is worth three masters. Master De’an has released a new work today, and he has read it day and night, and has gained a lot. I hereby recommend it to everyone. If you can practice daily, I believe it will bring you happiness and happiness.

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