Huang Yiyuan’s “The Secret of My Name”

Huang Yiyuan’s “The Mystery of Names” PDF e-book download. Content Summary Some people say that the name contains the three treasures of human beings “essence, energy, and spirit”. When I heard it suddenly, this statement is both elegant and profound. There is no doubt that the name is composed of numbers, and numbers are the material in materialist dialectics The regulations of quality and quantity hide countless natural mysteries, and it is said that…

Huang Yiyuan’s “The Mystery of Names” PDF e-book download.

Content summary

Some people say that the name contains the three treasures of human beings, “essence, energy, and spirit”. , number is the material and quantitative regulation in materialist dialectics, which hides countless natural mysteries, inherits human heart, emotion, will, and will, some of which can affect life, and change a person’s destiny to a certain extent. Can the name of a person really be like some “masters” mysteriously, which can make the short grow taller, the ugly become handsome, the black become white, all diseases are cured, the fat become thinner, and even a good name can avoid The appearance of cancer is really turning your hands into clouds and rain, turning the world around in your palm. Is the role of the name really so great? No! No! Inherited genes, up to King Yin Zhou in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, boasting unlimited self-confidence, down to the “communist style” in the 1950s, there are always people who “make blows behind closed doors” in the past 20 years. During the years of painstaking research on Yi Xue, I discovered and concluded a fact: Mr. Namers who do not know fortune telling and gossip are all fake, and there is no “real guy” in their minds. It is not right to give someone their fate, so what is the name! It is clearly a “Eating” is the only way! Many people think that naming is simple, just counting strokes; what kind of knowledge are those “tricks” that can be learned in ten minutes?

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