Li Juming has the book “Name Changing of Fortune” in his hand, and he can judge whether the name is good or bad

With Li Juming’s book “The Study of Changing Your Name” in your hand, you can judge the good or bad of a name as a PDF e-book download. Introduction to “Change Destiny, From Now 1: Li Juming’s Name Change (2010 Latest Edition)”: Is name just a symbol used to distinguish yourself from others? “Namology” doesn’t think so. Nomenclature is used in two ways: …

Li Juming’s book “The Study of Name Change” is in hand, and the PDF e-book download of the good and bad judgment of the name.


“Change your destiny, from now on 1: Li Juming’s name change study (2010 latest edition)”: Is the name just a symbol used to distinguish yourself from others? “Namology” doesn’t think so. There are two uses of name learning: according to the “name”, you can know the fate and personality of a stranger at the first time; for a newborn child or a person who wants to change his name, you can learn an auspicious name based on the name. Yi Xue believes that everything can be attributed to the five elements. Therefore, the meanings and strokes of Chinese characters have the attributes of the five elements, which respectively generate the magnetic field of the mind and the magnetic field of mathematics and physics. The collocation of different Chinese characters reflects the smoothness and stagnation of the magnetic field of the five elements. The more frequently the name is used, the more obvious the effect of these magnetic fields on the human body. This is why names can be changed. Some people want to ask: If there are many people with the same name, do they have the same fate and personality? Of course it is different. Prediction based on names alone has great limitations. Therefore, rigorous name studies must be combined with horoscopes. It is more accurate to associate name science with a specific person. The “specific person” mentioned here refers to the particularity of a person’s birth time, which is also known as the “birthday horoscope”. At a special point in time, people need different horoscopes and five elements of gods, so the same name will have different effects. How to combine the good and bad of the name itself with the five elements of the gods to come up with a name that is auspicious in both aspects? You will get the answer after reading this book.

Brief introduction of the author

Li Juming, an international master of numerology, was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Communication Department of Hong Kong Baptist University. In the mid-1990s, he carried out Buddhist education in his spare time. The work he is engaged in breaks through the tradition everywhere and has original ideas in many fields. He promoted “Ziping Numerology”, gave a brand-new interpretation of Chinese algebra, and interpreted obscure traditional culture into popular practical skills. In the past ten years, he has written books and said books, which have continuously triggered sales booms and made a useful attempt for the spread of traditional culture.

His book is famous for its stability, accuracy and ruthlessness. It not only deduces the international trend, economic trend, natural disasters and man-made disasters, stock market and property market, but also discloses various luck improvement skills for ordinary people. It is effective and convenient. “The Study of Name Change” is his masterpiece.

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