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“Greek Mythology Astrology Tarot” 258-page PDF e-book download. (Please refer to the screenshot below for content clarity) Introduction With the help of astrological numbers and tarot meanings passed down from ancient prophets, explore the self-essence from the archetypes of Greek gods, discover your own potential and power, and use the flow of energy to create life …

“Greek Mythology Astrology Tarot” 258-page PDF e-book download. (Please refer to the screenshot below for content clarity)


Based on the astrological numbers and tarot meanings passed down from the ancient prophets, from the Greek Explore the essence of self in the prototype of God, discover the potential and power of oneself, use the flow of energy to create infinite possibilities of life! In Greek mythology, each god has a distinctive character. This book takes this as a prototype to clearly list the status of the gods in the myth, the background of the representative sacred objects, symbolic meaning, etc., and the story will take you to experience the joy, anger, sorrow and joy of the gods , through mythical stories that are close to mortals and contain profound meanings, inspire readers’ rich imagination in the field of occultism. The book provides two divination methods, which can be used in any “78-card system Tarot” to correspond. After drawing the cards, compare them with the stories of the gods, and take their essence and meaning as a comparison. You can also use the unique “Astrological Number System” in the book to understand the direction of energy through your own astrological numbers and the algorithm of fleeting years, moons and days. Just add your birthday numbers to find out your sun. Numbers, moon numbers, etc., dig out the self-essence such as your personality and love view, discover your own barriers and strengths, so as to control your destiny and find your way forward! *How to use this book: 1. Astrological number system: Based on the year, month, and day of birth, calculate the exclusive astrological number and compare it with the prototype of the god. 2. Any set of 78 Tarot cards: After drawing the cards, compare the myths and stories, and refer to the essence and profound meaning contained in it. 3. Fleeting flow system: understand the direction of energy, and then master the flow of fortune.

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