The Inner Sky Astrology Primer

“The Inner Sky” Introduction to Astrology PDF e-book download. (Please refer to the screenshot below for content clarity) When it comes to astrology in the introduction, people’s subconscious reaction is usually: “What is my zodiac sign like?” all so…

“The Inner Sky” Introduction to Astrology PDF e-book download. (Please refer to the screenshot below for content clarity)


When it comes to astrology, people’s subconscious reaction is usually: “My sign is What kind?” It seems that astrology provides life’s final judgment, destiny’s rewards and punishments, and even many astrologers use it in this way. However, this book points out that growth is the key to astrology. It should not be a static description, but should show the fluid state of life, full of choices, opportunities and challenges. Astrology can completely help us realize our desire to “make a difference in life”. This book is an introductory book on astrology for the birth chart, which breaks through the traditional index writing, and is no longer just fragmented statements that are not related to each other. Through this book, you will master the meanings of basic astrological elements such as planets, constellations, and houses, as well as the flexible and practical methods of how to combine them. More importantly, you will learn how to improve self-awareness through astrology. Maybe our internal inertia is as huge as Mount Everest. What astrology should do is not to emphasize this stagnant part, but to speak to our endless life. This is the reason for studying astrology.

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