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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22937. Ark Zhou Yi Bazi Numerology
001 Are You Fit to Learn the Eight Character Numerology.mp4 111.99M
002 What is unique about the Ark Zhou Yi Eight Character Numerology?.mp4 115.46M
003 Ark Zhou Yi Eight Character Numerology Core 12345.mp4 36.71M
004 Fundamental Elements – Yin and Yang.mp4 103.16M
005 Energy Elements – Five Elements.mp4 148.91M
006 Guidelines for the Five Elements of Life and Luck.mp4 112.65M
007 The Ten Heavenly Stems and their Attributes and Relationships.mp4 126.34M
008 Attributes and analogies of the twelve earthly branches.mp4 107.62M
009 The relationship between the twelve branches of the earth and their births and grams.mp4 166.46M
010 The Twelve Earthly Branches: Hidden Stems and Conjunction.mp4 141.61M
011 The Big Nothing and the Small Nothing.mp4 139.83M
012 The Ten Gods and the Elephant of the Ten Gods.mp4 135.75M
013 The Eight Characters and the Great Fortune.mp4 134.59M
014 The two main destinies in the eight characters.mp4 127.70M
015 I am a bureau and I am a bureau.mp4 148.81M
016 Shunliu and Huiliu.mp4 145.74M
017 Quantification of the energy of the heavenly stems and earthly branches.mp4 138.44M
018 The reality and the reality in the stem and branch.mp4 134.02M
019 Energy operations of the heavenly stems.mp4 111.57M
020 Energy calculation of the conjunction of the heavenly stems.mp4 128.45M
021 Earthly Stems Together Energy Operation.mp4 105.20M
022 Earthly branch meeting energy operation.mp4 127.02M
023 Earthly branch conjunctive energy calculation.mp4 138.26M
024 Earthly branch harming energy calculation.mp4 121.69M
025 Energy calculation of the same column.mp4 116.43M
026 Targeting principles.mp4 100.45M
027 manifest target positioning.mp4 100.06M
028 Target Shifting Pole Positioning.mp4 117.49M
029 Invisible Target Positioning.mp4 103.95M
030 Invisible Target Positioning.mp4 122.33M
031 Pros and Cons of Traditional Day Master Determination.mp4 118.39M
032 Revision of the understanding of the declination and its application.mp4 101.36M
033 Static Energy and Dynamic Energy.mp4 131.77M
034 Relative exuberance and its applications.mp4 115.98M
035 Absolute exuberance and its applications.mp4 128.35M
036 Center Point and Fundamental Point.mp4 149.04M
037 Imbalance and Balance.mp4 112.75M
038 Obstruction and Circulation.mp4 107.24M
039 Joyful Gods and Jealous Gods.mp4 239.35M
040 The positive way of balanced circulation.mp4 152.98M
041 The reverse way of balanced circulation.mp4 126.26M
042 Deepening Approach to Balanced Circulation.mp4 140.22M
043 The complementary way of balanced circulation.mp4 118.04M
044 The law of triple auspiciousness.mp4 123.49M
045 the auspiciousness of the tomb bank.mp4 154.66M
046 The Luck of the Locus Blade.mp4 156.19M
047 Destiny System of Fate.mp4 169.23M
048 The Luck System in Destiny.mp4 147.39M
049 The spatial relationship between fate and luck.mp4 108.56M
050 Temporal relationship between fate and luck.mp4 99.15M
051 The Dynamic Relationship Between Life and Fortune.mp4 124.32M
052 The relationship between fate and luck.mp4 135.16M
053 The Relationship between Fate and Luck.mp4 104.14M
054 The analogy of all things in destiny.mp4 134.56M
055 One Image in Destiny with Multiple Decisions.mp4 114.60M
056 The Combination of Many Signs in Destiny.mp4 93.97M
057 Character Determines Destiny?.mp4 163.94M
058 The official killings to calculate temperament.mp4 155.07M
059 Wealth to calculate temperament.mp4 124.38M
060 Food and Injury: Sexuality.mp4 139.41M
061 Bijou Projection of Sexuality.mp4 136.81M
062 Lords and Strikes to calculate temperament.mp4 15185M
063 Learning Talent.mp4 163.04M
064 Academic Luck Projection.mp4 143.16M
065 Education projection.mp4 120.76M
066 Career Direction Projection.mp4 145.52M
067 Job projection essentials.mp4 157.04M
068 Job Orientation Projection.mp4 151.63M
069 Job Treatment Projection.mp4 128.47M
070 Job Change Projection.mp4 129.62M
071 Job Advancement Projection.mp4 112.04M
072 Work Relationship Projection.mp4 125.56M
073 Financial projection essentials.mp4 135.49M
074 Source of wealth projection.mp4 137.73M
075 Where Wealth Goes Projection.mp4 105.19M
076 Wealth Level Projection.mp4 136.00M
077 Marriage projection essentials.mp4 158.57M
078 Marriage Concept Projection.mp4 150.31M
079 Love Experience Projection.mp4 179.61M
080 Marriage Time Projection.mp4 122.37M
081 Spousal Status Projection.mp4 146.09M
082 Marital relationship projection.mp4 115.65M
083 extra-marital relationship projection.mp4 149.07M
084 husband and wife projection.mp4 145.05M
085 Kevlar Wife Projection.mp4 154.43M
086 Health and peace projection essentials.mp4 127.70M
087 Health projection about gold.mp4 93.24M
088 Water health projection.mp4 110.83M
089 Wood Health Projections.mp4 120.33M
090 Fire Health Projections.mp4 106.85M
091 Earth health projections.mp4 93.72M
092 Injuries, surgeries, car accidents, etc..mp4 107.19M
093 Major diseases and longevity projection.mp4 79.19M
094 Officials and non-officials projection essentials.mp4 109.75M
095 The protagonist in the official non.mp4 80.80M
096 The main cause of the official non.mp4 135.16M
097 Mindset in Official Nonconformity.mp4 79.79M
098 Behavior in Official Misconduct.mp4 74.51M
099 Redemption in Official Nonconformity.mp4 81.93M
100 Parental Projections.mp4 106.75M
101 Brother and Friend Situation Projection.mp4 105.60M
102 Children.mp4 153.10M
103 Projection of the change of noble persons.mp4 124.67M
104 Analysis of the whole eight characters.mp4 158.59M
105 Life Opening and Prosperity.mp4 113.43M

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