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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22922. Nebula Taoist Eight Characters Junior Advanced
Nebula Junior Advanced
Taoist Eight Character Four Pillar Numerology Online Course Schedule–Notes
01. The Celestial Principle of the Four Pillars of Numerology and the Unity of Heaven and Man.m4a 19.60M
02. Interpersonal Relationships from the Four Pillars of Nayin.m4a 40.49M
03. The use of the Six Relatives of Gods and Furies in the Four Pillars.m4a 35.57M
04. The difference between the twelve long lives and their specific application.m4a 22.39M
05. The combination of.m4a 35.75M
06. The trick to the flow of the sky.m4a 28.90M
07. The trick to break the flow year should be period ~ should be period fast break method.m4a 31.76M
08. The law of judging various disasters.m4a 51.79M
09. Judgment of marriage and relationship.m4a 41.61M
10. Judgment of financial fortune.m4a 27.56M
11. Judgment of health.m4a 34.65M
12. Analysis of prediction ideas and interpretation of classic cases.m4a 35.45M
13. Experiential Cases in Learning Explained.m4a 7.91M
14. The journey of learning the eight characters.m4a 19.15M
15. In-depth Case Sharing of Circulation and Due Dates.m4a 34.42M
Nebula Advanced
01. The Origin of Taoist Eight Characters and Celestial Principles
02. First and Second Heavenly Bagua
03. The Five Elements of Yin and Yang
04. Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches and Empty Death
05. The relationship and system of the Ten Gods and Six Relatives
06. The use of the 12 Earthly Branches
07.The principle and application of the 12 long lives and the use of the five tones
08. The secret method of nayin, the use of the house and nayin in interpersonal relationships
09. The practical use of the divine Furies
10. The combination of Taoist eight characters to reveal the sky
11. Taoist orthodox eight characters and home feng shui
12. Taoist orthodox four pillars and eight characters circulation secret method
13. The Secret Method of the Great Luck and the Flow of the Year and the Periods of the Year
14. The worst eight-character combinations of life
15. Judgment of various disasters in the eight characters and their adjustment and solution
16. The secret method of unblocking the core channels of the eight characters
17. The Essence of the Eight Characters: A Holistic Interpretation of Lifetime Horoscope and Comprehensive Solution
18. Analysis of various real-life cases and their interpretation
19. Taoist Eight Characters through Qi Men: Interpretation and Adjustment and Secret Method of Changing Luck
Taoist Eight Characters Advanced Class Foundation Document (Student)

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