Wang Jianlong’s “Splitting the Mystery and the Sky” 159 pages double-sided

Download the 159-page double-sided PDF e-book of Wang Jianlong’s “The Truth of Breaking the Xuankong”. (Please refer to the screenshot below for content clarity) Introduction Tainan Guanmiao is a place where a famous geography teacher was born. Ganzhou Xian, Yang Zanghua crossed the sea to Taiwan, and the first disciple of Guanmiao Garden Huang Ayou, his son Huang Rongnan was passed on, and went south to Kaohsiung Forest Garden, full of peaches and plums world. Master Mr. Ganzhou Mr. Chen Shuichang followed the government

Download the 159-page double-sided PDF e-book of Wang Jianlong’s “The True Art of Breaking the Xuankong”. (Please refer to the screenshot below for content clarity)


Tainan Guan Temple is a place where famous geographers are born, Ganzhou immortals, Yang Zanghua crossed the sea In Taiwan, Huang Ayou, the first disciple of Guanmiao Huayuan, and his son Huang Rongnan got the biography, and went south to Kaohsiung Linyuan, where peaches and plums were everywhere. Master Mr. Chen Shuichang from Ganzhou came to Taiwan with the government, settled in Guanmiao and handed down his mentors Mr. Liang Zhixin and his mentor Xie Qingliang. The author Wang Jianlong was born in the deep pit of Guanmiao. In addition to Qingliang, he paid homage to Mr. Chen Qiquan, a famous teacher in Kaohsiung, and was passed on by hermits. He merged many precious lost knowledge, and integrated the Qingnang Sutra, Tianyu Sutra and Dubaozhao Sutra. Breaking through, he also taught the orthodox Xuankong unique art in Bingzai City, Yongkang, and received a lot of applause, which is very gratifying. Mr. Yang Gong, the master of geography, handed down the classics, which are extremely profound. The hidden words in the scriptures are threaded through the needles. Although Jiang Dahong has commented, he will not reveal the mystery. Its theories are almost lost, the school quotes the classics and takes them out of context. Yuan, correct the earth master and solemnly warn everyone that the world does not know what yin and yang are, how to know Yang Gong’s male and female way, qi is invisible and visible in the sky, and it is attached to the mountains and rivers all the time, so the qi resides in the shape, Yang Gong Knowing the intercommunication between heaven, earth, mountains and rivers, and using Heluo theory to communicate with heaven, earth, mountains and rivers, it is said that heaven and earth are yin and yang, heaven and earth are the appearance of male and female, mountains and rivers are yin and yang, and mountains and rivers are one male and female. Reason resides in Qi, and Qi resides in shape. This is the purpose of Xuankong, and its method is beyond this. I am afraid that you must participate in business! In view of the fact that there are too many misinterpretations of Yang Gong’s classics in the public, they don’t seek the qi from the mountains and rivers, but only sit on the mountain to seek the three-element purple and white qi from the head. What’s more, he used indiscriminately the innate five elements and hexagram luck, did not know the true meaning of innate nature and postnatal use, and did not know the purpose of the heavenly circle and local hexagrams. This has caused endless harm to the world, and dare to be called the descendants of Yang Gong and Huang Shigong. , This kind of trickery is not advisable! In fact, in the classics, Yang Gong has always emphasized the male and female of yin and yang. As for whether the hexagrams are produced or not, the response to the fire pit of jewelry, and whether the yin and yang are pure or not, the key lies in the combination of the three talents and the six constructions. Xiudu has an absolute relationship with male and female. For those who don’t know male and female, and those who misuse male and female, the author solemnly tells everyone that Yang Gong’s true purpose has nothing to do with you. Don’t deceive yourself and others. Keep some sinister virtues and harm future generations. I’m afraid it’s something you don’t like to see ! The more widespread the fake learning spread, the deeper the disaster, especially in the generation of Tainan, where the poison was deep and widespread. The author was born in Tainan. For the sake of academic justice, he not only opened a museum to teach the orthodox Yang Gong’s unique learning, but also singled out the “Tiger” of the “Underworld Jungle”. Leopards and wolves are not afraid at all, and there is even a group of professors from a certain national university who are doing the opposite and helping the evildoers. I sighed deeply, how can Yang Gong know not to cry? I was conceived by heaven and earth. Since I am a human being, I am also an onmyoologist. I know the meaning of male and female. I am endowed with the traditional teaching of Yang Gong. The tigers and leopards of the underworld jungle\r jackals” fled one by one. May I ask Mr. Yang that throughout his life, he used male and female to discuss Fengshui and geography, but he didn’t even know the principle of male and female? Xiang Jue, the Seven Stars rob, take greed and take supplementary magic weapon, moreover, this kind of change is more male and female, and it cannot be separated from the relationship with male and female at all, so I solemnly warn the traitor Yang Gong who is selling dog meat, that he does not know male and female. In principle, it is impossible to use these magic weapons correctly. Zhengdetang has opened its doors, and welcomes the teachings of seniors from all walks of life in Xuankong Geosciences, and even more so, the well-known Master Xuankong in Tainan. If it is not the orthodox Xuankong Science, please do not enter. Orthodox gate, otherwise the teacher Yang Gong who has been waiting for a long time will punish him. When the author was attacked by others in the past, when he was in a dilemma, he was fortunate to have Zeng Zinan’s favorite student, who was already 90 years old, and he did not hesitate to travel from Liugui, Kaohsiung to Tainan, holding high the banner of righteousness. Respected, Mr. Liu Tongnan, one of the four major disciples of Mr. Zeng Zinan, the senior Xuankong, here, I deeply respect him. Abolished some use of unorthodox Huokeng line, Sanshamu geographer’s tricks to harm people, in fact, the orthodox Yang Gong Jue Xue prefers to use Sanshari Huokeng line, and its benefits are doubled compared with ordinary power.

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