Guo Fenling’s “Seventy-Two Through the Mountain and Sixty Through the Earth”

Guo Fenling’s “Seventy-Two Mountains and Sixty Penetrations” PDF e-book download. (For content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below.) Introduction Seventy-two pierced mountains and sixty pierced the ground. One cloud was passed down from Yang Gong, and the other was passed down from Qiu Gong. The era of invention was before the Tang Dynasty. The usage of piercing through the mountains and through the earth is extremely mysterious. Although scholars of all ages have

Guo Fenling’s “Seventy-Two Mountains and Sixty Penetrations” PDF e-book download. (Content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)


Seventy-two piercing the mountain and sixty penetrating the earth, a cloud passed from Yang Gong, It is said that it was passed down from Duke Qiu. Due to the long history and lack of real historical data, it is impossible to verify it. However, it is estimated that the time of its invention should be before the Tang Dynasty. The usage of piercing through the mountains and through the earth is extremely mysterious. Although scholars of all ages have explained it, they have different opinions because of their own opinions, and there are many mistakes. It is like the compass that gathers clouds through the fog: “Through the earth, you can distinguish the weather to distinguish the dragon, and through the mountains, you can distinguish the dragon.” Earth Qi is used to sit on acupoints.” In fact, piercing through the mountains and penetrating the ground is one body with two sides, which is used to distinguish dragons and has nothing to do with sitting acupoints. Another example is when the compass discusses the twenty-four jewels, sometimes talking about equal division, and sometimes talking about shrinkage, but it is not known that the twenty-four jewels that shrink through the ground and the twenty-four jewels that are equally divided through the ground have the same name but are different, and their directions are different. Or some words are pertinent and reasonable, but they are messy and unsystematic. If you want to understand, you will have to waste time and effort. The reason for this is all due to the fact that people follow what they say, and draw gourds according to the same pattern; if you don’t go into the whole story, the truth will gradually disappear, and there will be more and more different opinions, so it becomes a winter fan and a summer stove. It’s rare! In view of the above reasons, the author, in the book “The Pivot of Poor Li Qi”, has divided the unit about the seventy-two mountains and sixty penetrating lands into a separate book, systematically sorting it out, and giving specific explanations, which can be called Analyzing the secrets of the ages, and elucidating the enlightenment of a hundred schools of thought. And I hope that this effort will prevent the mystery of passing through the mountains for seventy-two years and penetrating the earth for sixty years from being lost; and a gentleman of kindness can truly understand this method, and will no longer be daunted by it. Partial screenshot in Taichung

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