Feng Wenbin’s “Feng Shui Lecture Notes on Three Hexagrams for Yin Houses” page 84

Download the 84-page PDF e-book of Feng Wenbin’s “San Gua Feng Shui Lecture Notes for Yin Houses”. (For content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below) Introduction Three-in-one feng shui yin house synthesis one; Pattern landscape copulation map VII: the main mountain to publish the eighth; five unique

Feng Wenbin’s “San Gua Feng Shui Lecture Notes for Yin Houses” 84-page PDF e-book download. (Content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)


Sanhe Fengshui yin house synthesis one; The origin and Zhu Yongkou’s standard drawing crown five; how to determine the Fengshui pattern six; the three-in-one Fengshui pattern landscape copulation map seven: Zhu Shanlai published eight; Treasure 10; Dispelling sand and accepting water 11; The essential relationship between the four general situations of Hetu 12; A small translation of classic scriptures 13; The evolution of the three-in-one ground transportation in the pattern 14; The division of the three-in-one house and the middle house in the pattern Fifteen good and bad times; how to use the special usage of plain feng shui to determine the fate of yourself and your family in the environment. ;Break the Eighteen; Shuikou Nineteen; Ancient Sanhe Direction Method Thesis Twenty; Lecture on the Landscape Pattern at the Field of Mountain Running

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