Fu Yichang’s “Feng Shui Collection: 500 Common Senses of Feng Shui You Should Know”

Fu Yichang’s “Feng Shui Collection: 500 Common Senses of Feng Shui You Should Know” PDF e-book download. (For content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below.) Foreword Feng Shui can be regarded as a quintessence of China. For thousands of years, it has influenced the living environment and architectural methods of Chinese people, and even affected the judgment, casting and imagination of Chinese people on time and space. Regarding the word “Feng Shui”,

Fu Yichang’s “500 Common Senses of Feng Shui You Should Know” PDF e-book download. (Content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)


Feng Shui is a Chinese quintessence, which has influenced thousands of years The living environment and architectural methods of Chinese people even affect the judgment, casting and imagination of Chinese people on time and space. We are not very unfamiliar with the word “Feng Shui” all the time, but in our subconscious mind, we more or less think it is a superstition. In today’s era, science and technology are changing with each passing day, but there are also many things that science cannot explain. We cannot say it is unscientific, because it also has science, and Feng Shui is just like this. Feng Shui is actually a traditional cultural concept, a widely spread folk custom, a spell to avoid evil, and a knowledge about the environment and people. From the perspective of modern scientific theory, Feng Shui is a comprehensive science that combines geophysics, geology, environmental landscape, natural ecological architecture, and celestial body movement orientation. From the emperors and dignitaries of the past dynasties, it is not difficult to find the importance of this knowledge at that time. Whether it is the emperor’s travel, ancestor worship, civil construction, and imperial mausoleum setting, those so-called Fengshui masters will do divination and calculation in order to get Good or bad. There are more or less records in this regard in many classics and masterpieces. Whether it is Confucius or Qin Shihuang, they are all very interested in this knowledge; whether it is the magnificent Forbidden City in Beijing, or the novel and exquisite Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, there are mysteries that ordinary people cannot pry into. In real life, we have a deeper understanding. Our parents may have worked tirelessly to find Mr. Feng Shui for matters such as the layout of the house, the tomb of the elderly, and the marriage of the children. No matter what the reason is, one thing is the same, that is, they want their family to prosper forever and their loved ones to be happy forever. Our understanding of Feng Shui, whether as a science or as a game of wisdom, is very necessary to understand. This book aims to popularize the common sense of Feng Shui and is easy to understand. It is divided into seven chapters: Topography and Environment, Housing, Career, Emotion, Studies, Masters, and Utensils. Although I don’t expect you to be proficient in this way, you can basically get a glimpse of the whole picture of Feng Shui. I hope you can get some enlightenment from this book.

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