Du Yanlin, Jiang Dahong’s “(Secret Biography of Jiang Gong) Daxuankong Distinguishing the Right and the Right” Page 312

Download the 312-page PDF e-book of Du Yanlin and Jiang Dahong’s “(Secret Biography of Jiang Gong) Daxuankong’s Discernment of Righteousness and Decisions”. (For the clarity of the content, please refer to the screenshot below) Jiang Dahong, the patriarch of the preface, can be called the immortal of the present generation, and it cannot be separated from his true inheritance and hard work. I lost my mother when I was young, and my father when I was young. In the early years, I studied Xingjia’s books tirelessly with my late father Anxigong for ten years.

Du Yanlin and Jiang Dahong’s “(Secret Biography of Jiang Gong) Daxuan Kong Discriminates the Right and the Right” 312-page PDF e-book download. (Content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)


The patriarch Jiang Dahong can be called the immortal of the ancient generation, and he cannot be separated from him Get the truth and work hard. I lost my mother when I was young, and my father when I was young. In the early years, I studied Xingjia’s books tirelessly with my father, Anxi Gong. It took ten years before I realized the wrongness of common learning. Just when he had nowhere to go in “Thinking of the Poor Sutra”, God paid off, and he was destined to move to Wujizi’s former teacher, and taught him the knowledge of Fengshui in the Three Yuans, Xuankong, and studied hard for ten years. After witnessing the famous ancient and modern tombs in the north and south of the Yangtze River, he kept improving and researching, practiced for ten years, and after summarizing and sublimating, he was engaged in the work of writing books. This fully shows that Jiang Dahong has gone through 30 years of hard work, study, research, verification, and practice summary Therefore, it is affirmed that Sanyuan Daxuankong Fengshui is correct, “practice is the only criterion for testing truth”, so Daxuankong Fengshui is a treasure of Chinese national culture, and it can be called the essence of Chinese culture. Tracing back to the origin of Feng Shui, there are records: it was invented by Zhou Gongqie, specially selected by Guo Jingchun, miraculously experienced by Qiu Yanhan, generalized by Yang to help the poor, winged by Lecturer Mu, and completed by Liu Qingtian. It is precious and treasured by Jiang Dahong. From Yang Gong to the present, it has been taught and accepted in the same line. The history can be tested. It can be seen that the unremitting efforts of the sages and sages of the past dynasties have completed this huge system, complete and rigorous Sanyuan Daxuankong Feng Shui. Jiang Gong spent his life People involved in this great construction project, Chiang Kai-shek has a lot of works, many of them are scattered and lost, and few of them are circulated. Most of them are hidden and unspoken. Really, that’s why he often criticizes Jiang Gong for keeping secrets, refusing to reveal the secrets, and even saying that Jiang is a talented anti-Qing and Fuming patriot. He wrote the Tibetan formula with good intentions. He was afraid that the true formula of Daxuankong’s Feng Shui would fall into the hands of evil people, immoral masters, and even more afraid that the prostitution would be lost, so he faintly revealed the true formula in ” Geographical dialectics, Zizijin, Tianyuan Wuge, Tianyuan Yuyi, Guihoulu, Gujingge, Bazhai Tianyuan Fu, Yangzhai De-lu, Shuilongjing and other books. The books written by Jiang Dahong can be said to be the lock of Daxuankong Fengshui. If a person has a door, he must have the key to open the lock. That is the scriptures handed down in the same line of Daxuankong Fengshui, otherwise it is not a vulgar request handed down in the same line. Confusion, selfish concubines and concubine overthrow, leading to rumors and false rumors.

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