Deng Haifeng, “The Internal Materials of Ancient Fengshui, Five Elements, Qi and Star Method” page 223

Download the 223-page PDF e-book of Deng Haifeng’s “The Internal Materials of Ancient Fengshui, the Five Elements, the Method of Gathering Qi and Staring the Stars”. (146-147 pages are missing, please refer to the screenshot below for content clarity) Dedicated to the study of Feng Shui

Deng Haifeng’s 223-page PDF e-book download of “The Internal Materials of Ancient Fengshui, Five Elements, Qi and Star Method”. (page 146-147 missing, content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)


The advent of Feng Shui, an ancient law that is on the verge of being lost , Wuning is a major change in the history of Chinese geomancy, and it will inevitably cause a sensation in the field of geomancy. All enthusiasts who are committed to the study of Feng Shui must re-brainwash and re-understand. This book will guide all the erroneous theories of the sects that have been handed down in the world for thousands of years to the correct way of thinking, correct all the erroneous geography studies that have been handed down in the world for thousands of years, and restore the historical truth of geography studies. It has made geography academics go on the right track and made great contributions to the development of human society. The ancient method Xuanji Fengshui is not the Shen family’s Xuankong theory represented by the Shen family that is popular in the world today, nor is it Zhang Zhongxian’s Liufa Xuankong theory, nor is it the false theory of the Zhongzhou School and the Guangdong School, which are full of mistakes and mislead others. . It is a synonym and a general term for a kind of learning. Its principles are all attributed to the comprehensive use of Hetu Luoshu and Xiantian Bagua, which is simple and practical. All the secret methods are based on the content of the ancient scriptures to analyze the Tian Gua, Earth Gua, Parents Gua, Xuankong Gua, Dragon God, Water God, Sand God, Flowing God, Water God Reaching the Star, Dragon God Receiving the Star according to the content of the ancient scriptures. , Discuss the secrets of hitting the stars, such as the first hitting the star, turning the gas into the star, etc. The evolution process is intertwined, and the application of various secret methods interweaves and satisfies each other, and fits seamlessly with the scriptures. All the secrets of being starred in the book have never been heard by people, and the principles, qi and techniques have appeared for the first time in thousands of years. The configuration of the five elements in the ancient Fahe Tuluoshu and the application of the eight trigrams, the eight palaces, and the eight stems are completely different from the popular usage methods in the world. These precious knowledge are unique in the world today. In today’s society, the entire Feng Shui academic world has been basically covered by fake science. The so-called ancestral secrets and various knowledge mastered by the operators engaged in Feng Shui academic professions are rubbish, with little practicality, and far from the true face of Feng Shui academics. . They are all under the banner of ancestors. People with the surname Yang are called the descendants of the ancestor of Yang Gong, those with the surname of Lai are the descendants of the ancestor of Lai Gong, and those with the surname of Zeng are the descendants of the ancestor of Zeng Gong. Among these so-called patriarchs. Basically, none of them got the true biography of the ancestors, they just bought dog meat for tricks. The purpose of writing this book is to respond to President Xi Jinping’s inheritance and development of the spirit of traditional Chinese culture, to carry forward thousands of years of Chinese precious cultural heritage, to enable the inheritance and development of true geography, and to build a strong socialist Contribute to the motherland.

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