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Download the 249-page PDF e-book “Looking at Fengshui by Compassion” by Chongtian Layman Li Chunwen. (For content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below) Preface Mr. Li Chunwen learned Yi from Taoist priests of Wutai Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, and Taishan Mountain 20 years ago, and spent more than ten years traveling to more than a dozen provinces and cities in the motherland. During this period, he used practice to verify the truth of the knowledge he had learned time and time again.

The 249-page PDF e-book download of Li Chunwen, a layman in the sky, “Looking at Fengshui according to the principles”. (Content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)


Mr. Taoist master learned Yi, and spent more than ten years traveling to more than a dozen provinces and cities in the motherland. During this period, he used practice to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the knowledge he learned time and time again. For example, Mr. Li, who is over sixty years old, wants to leave the truth of what he has learned to the world. Has started working on teaching and writing books. I have seen the book “Looking at Fengshui by Compassion” that I met with you this time. I have already witnessed it when I was studying the Book of Changes with Teacher Li. It is not too much to say that this book is worth collecting and spreading. And “Examples of Strange Hexagrams and Strange Tricks” are also rare and good books. I have read them several times, and I will gain something new every time I read them. Following this book, the teacher will dedicate the four pillars, Fengshui, Liuyao and other books that are being compiled one after another to the majority of Yixue lovers. Let us look forward to this day together. Almost everyone who knows Mr. Li has the same emotion. He is indeed a respectable and talented elder in the Yi Xue circle. He is serious about Yi Xue to a convincing degree. Six lines, feng shui, palmistry, and facial expressions are interrelated, so that people can calmly let go of their long-worried mind after divination. Today, when the high tuition fees of Yi-learning make fans stop, Mr. Li can still take the responsibility of promoting the philosophy and culture of the motherland, imparting real Yi-learning experience, teaching and educating people with all he has at a low fee. This kind of indifferent to fame and wealth, the benevolent and pragmatic demeanor of everyone really makes people bow down. Today, Yi Xue is often mistaken for superstition by people. The main reason is that some people use Yi Xue to deceive the world. As a result, there is an urgent need for high-level people with both ability and political integrity to prove the scientific nature of Yi-learning, and Mr. Li Chunwen is silently striving for such a goal in his unpretentious way.

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