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Download the 96-page PDF e-book of “Qingjiang House Genealogy Repairing Prescriptions to Get Diseased” Yang House Examples. (For content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below) Content summary “Yangzhai Dacheng” was handed down by Wei Qingjiang, a geographer in Hubei during the Kangqian period of the Qing Dynasty, according to his teacher Peng Kezi and his ancestors. The most comprehensive and detailed masterpiece of Yangzhai geology in ancient times! As far as I can see,

Download the 96-page PDF e-book of “Qingjiang Zhaipu Repairing Prescriptions to Eliminate Disease” Yangzhai Examples. (Content clarity, please refer to the screenshot below)

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“Yangzhai Dacheng” is the work of Wei Qingjiang, a geographer in Hubei during the Kangxi and Qianlong periods of the Qing Dynasty According to the handed down by Shi Peng and his ancestors, and based on decades of experience in geomancy, his book can be regarded as the most comprehensive and detailed Yangzhai geomancy masterpiece in ancient China! As far as the author can see, there are currently two editions of this book, one is “Yang Zhai Dacheng” recorded in Volume 414 of “Forbidden City Rare Books Series” by Hainan Publishing House, and the other is “Zhai Pu” by Yingxiu Tangzi published by Taiwan Jiwen Publishing House “Dacheng” and “Tianxing Choose the Time to Make Fate” and “Yangzhai Dacheng” were uploaded together by the author in the 29 volumes of “Forbidden City Rare Books Series-Gongzhong Shushu” published by Sina Blog and Fengshui 123 in early 2012. The two books “House Genealogy Dacheng” and “Tianxing Choose Time to Make Fate” were first seen on the Internet. “Yangzhai Dacheng” is originally divided into two parts, one is “Three Books of Zhaipu” and the other is “Choosing a Time to Create a Fate”. The so-called “Three Books of Zhaipu” refers to the three books of “Zhiyao, Ruyan, and Xiufang”. The richness of its theory is unprecedented in Yangzhai’s works for thousands of years, and the comprehensiveness of its examples is also the only one seen in thousands of years before the publication of “New Case of Zhai Yun”. As for the volume “Choosing Time and Making Fate”, which was written later by Qingjiang, it was not included in the three books, because its content was closely related to the three books. A Collection of Wei Qingjiang’s Lifetime Works. Both the Forbidden City Collection and the Yingxiutang original are four joint publications of “Yangzhai Dacheng”. When Jiwen Publishing Bureau was sorting out Yingxiutang’s book, it was about to take it apart again, one was “The Great Completion of House Genealogy” and the other was “The Stars Choose the Time to Make Fate”. While studying and sorting out the author, I found that the Forbidden City edition is older, and although the photocopy is not clear, the diction is accurate; the Yingxiu Tang edition was actually reprinted later, and the parts that are not clear in the original book have been passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, when studying and sorting out, the Forbidden City collection should be used as a rare book. This book was widely circulated in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, but today’s scholars are mostly influenced by Shen’s Xuankong and turn a blind eye to such ancient books, and some Yijie teachers have benefited from this book , and concealed, unwilling to speak clearly; but looking at what it discusses, it is nothing more than just keeping a corner, and it is still impossible to fully understand the academic origin of this book. The author here throws bricks to attract jade, and briefly introduces the evaluation, so that later people can know the superior ones. The content of this book is mainly based on the shape and method of Yangzhai, supplemented by regulating Qi, choosing auspiciousness and repairing recipes, and also preparing architectural styles for selection.

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Health-removing essentials Shu Gua Xiang System Gua Xiang Ask Ear Disease Ask Eye Disease Xiang Tong Dui Gua Xiang

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