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Download the 321-page PDF e-book “Out of Spiritual Acupoints” by Chongtian Layman Li Chunwen. Brief introduction Mr. Li Chunwen, a resident of Chongtian, studied at Wutai Mountain, Taishan Mountain, and Taoist masters of Jiuhua Mountain. In terms of folk culture, including funeral culture, they have been thoroughly investigated and researched, that is, they have studied extensively, learned from the strengths of many families, and deeply learned the three flavors of them, and have their own uniqueness.

The 321-page PDF e-book download of Li Chunwen, a soaring layman, “Out of the Spiritual Acupoints”.

Brief introduction

Chongtian Lay Master Li Chunwen studied at Wutai Mountain, Taishan Mountain, and Jiuhua Mountain Taoists, and has a deep understanding of the Taoist tradition in terms of mountain doctors, divination and promises. In terms of folk culture, including funeral culture, they have been deeply investigated and studied, that is, they have been extensively researched, learned from the strengths of many families, and deeply learned the three flavors, so they have a unique understanding. Therefore, in judging fate, looking at feng shui, and benefiting people, you can do a job with ease, save effort and achieve great results. Therefore, the launch of this book hopes to bring the research and norms of funeral culture to a new height.

Content Summary

Funeral culture should be an ancient, common and modern word. Tracing back to its origin, it has a long history and has been passed down for at least several thousand years, but it should be put forward as a concept or subject very late among all cultures. Although the funeral culture is long and far-reaching, it is basically passed down by word of mouth among the people, or handwritten, and rarely seen in writings, which is scattered and unsystematic, partial and irregular. Although the funeral culture is not elegant, it is indispensable to life. And often because of wrong inheritance or improper use, it endangers people’s lives and causes abnormal deaths to occur continuously. Sad husband! Whether funeral can be called culture is also debated. With regard to culture, the more representative and generally recognized definition of culture by the British Edward Taylor in 1871 is: “Culture is a complex whole, including knowledge, belief, art, morality, law, custom , and any other abilities and habits acquired as a member of society.”According to this definition, funeral is culture. With enthusiasm, experts and scholars have begun to explore and sort out this culture. In order to let everyone pay attention to this issue, this book was compiled today. After several efforts, it is difficult to have a different look. Often the more unadorned, The more spiritual it is, the more it can play a role in attracting jade. We sincerely hope that colleagues or experts and scholars will publish systematic, rigorous and unique works on the meaning, essence, origin, value, structure and function of funeral culture.

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