Geng Chengzhou’s manuscript “San Yuan Cui Pian” Taiwan Jiu Ding Edition 222 pages

Geng Chengzhou submitted “San Yuan Cui Pian” 222-page PDF e-book download, Taiwan Jiu Ding Edition. Preface This book is a book I bought many years ago, and I have treasured it for a long time. One day, I saw that the price on the Internet was very high. And carry forward. My friend Chinese Tianji easy-to-learn Fengshui Forum (Fengshui 1

Geng Chengzhou submitted a manuscript of “San Yuan Cui Pian” 222 pages PDF e-book download, Taiwan Jiu Ding Edition.


This book is a book I bought many years ago, and I have treasured it for a long time. The painstaking efforts of the ancestors should be preserved and carried forward. My friend Chinese Tianji Yixue Fengshui Forum (Fengshui 168) moderator Tianji brother posted a post, “In contrast to the [Fengshui] handed down today, a hundred schools of thought contend, and the disputes between schools for thousands of years have never stopped. Countless generations of wisdom and experience may have experienced the ups and downs of “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”. After many “famous masters”, due to war and historical reasons, the true inheritance was almost cut off. The art and cultural circles on both sides of the strait can find a common Roots, contributed to the “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling Picture” [Combined Exhibition], we admire it very much. Can the [Feng Shui circles] on both sides of the Taiwan Strait also learn from this mind, seek common ground in differences, and let the Chinese Feng Shui unique learning scattered in various schools , to [join the wall]”! So this is also the original meaning of the ancient books and manuscripts that I want to keep publishing. The Xi family is willing to use the ancient books, and let the wisdom of the ancestors of Fengshui [close the wall]!


Volume 1 Tianyuan Zaoming with a muddy cover instrument manual 2nd volume Qizheng Jingyi with return selection Sanyuan Death Chapter

Tianyuan Zaoming Catalog (Volume 1) Tianyuan Five Songs Explanation of the Armillary Sphere Picture of the Hungai Tongxian Yitu Picture of the Armillary Gaiyi Instructions for Destiny Attached to a Grid

Catalogue of the Seven Politics and Four Yu Essences (Volume 2) Comparison of the Seven Politics and the Eight Planets and Their Distances Questions and Answers Twelve Palaces and Twenty-Eight Houses of the Taiyin are based on the Western Islamic Islamic calendar.

Lu Ming Experiment Catalog (Volume 3) Human Life Experimental Meter Five Grid Lunar Eclipse Experimental Meter One Geshe Man Moony Pavilion Worked on Solar Eclipse The test counts one grid for burial and the experiment counts two grids for the lucky stars. An example to identify whether the life is true or not. The method of returning to the year is attached. The small limit of the month is attached. Table of Contents (Volume 4) 1. The sun, 2. Lunar moon, Luo Jiqi, 3. Saturn, 4. Jupiter, 5. Mars, 6. Venus, 7. Mercury p> Some screenshots

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