Zhang Huimin “Chinese Fengshui Application”

Zhang Huimin’s “Chinese Fengshui Application” PDF e-book download. Introduction Is Feng Shui a superstition? Is there any scientific basis? Doing business a few days ago, is the source of income related to Feng Shui? What is the relationship with the town house spell? … This

Zhang Huimin’s “Chinese Fengshui Application” PDF e-book download.


Is Feng Shui a superstition? Is there any scientific basis? I have been doing business recently. Is the source of income related to Feng Shui? , Why is the auspicious symbol auspicious, and what is its origin with the town house spell?… It seems that there is no answer to this series of questions in the existing publications. With his unique insights, the author of this book gave scientific and popular, practical and interesting answers. Fengshui (known as Kanyu in ancient times), talisman, qi, these mysterious and mysterious names are the unsolved mysteries of traditional Chinese culture. The author starts with the connection between electronic microscience (microwave), biological cell (double helix of genetic code), astronomy, calendar (Nine Stars), Hetu, Luoshu, Yijing gossip, geography and human science, etc., and uses a new Concepts and understandings, from theory to practice, expound the essence of Fengshui, charms, and qi three-dimensionally and their consistency with modern scientific principles, thereby unveiling their mysterious veils. The author’s innovative analysis shows the new trend of modern science and communication-cultural mediation. This is a bold and beneficial attempt and exploration to absorb the essence of the sloughing culture. The features of this book are not only new ideas, but also elaboration in terms of practicality, and a guiding explanation on the specific application of Feng Shui. Therefore, this book is worthy of being a good teacher and close friend in Anju. Whether you are running real estate, looking for a guide to buying a house, or getting involved in the tertiary industry, you may wish to read this book.

The postal content of this book has been serialized in relevant publications and won awards. Due to the author’s unique views on Fengshui and his proficiency in the application of Fengshui, he has received letters from many countries inviting Qing to give lectures. The author has been hired by Shanghai International Qigong Training Institute as a professor of Fengshui in the Department of I Ching Application.

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