Wang Xiang’an “The Modern Version of the True Art of Yangzhai Mensha”

Wang Xiang’an’s “The True Tale of Yang Zhai Men Sha” modern version PDF e-book download. Introduction Evil Qi is a kind of aura that makes people feel uneasy and irritable. If this kind of evil air is not resolved, people in it will be disturbed by it and cause illness, financial loss, and career decline. The author is selfless, and the secret that has not been passed down for thousands of years can finally be rediscovered. The “fighting formula” taught in this book can not only kill the evil

Wang Xiangan’s “The True Tale of Yang Zhai Men Sha” modern version PDF e-book download.


Evil spirit is a kind of aura that can make people feel restless and irritable. decay. The author is selfless, and the secret that has not been handed down for thousands of years can finally be rediscovered. The “fighting evil formula” taught in this book can not only transform the fierce evil spirit into joy, but also allow you to speed up in a short period of time in today’s economic downturn. Fa Cai Xi is a family heirloom worth leaving for future generations. Since the publication of (The True Words of Kanyu), it has been widely praised by readers from all walks of life. I deeply feel that there is a shortage of books on the true formulas of geomancy and geomantic omen. The knowledge of Fengshui geography is important to use and understand. If you can study diligently, I believe that you can use the inspiration of this book to make your Fengshui insights to a higher level. There are many books about fighting evil spirits in the market, but they can’t discuss them in depth and in an orderly manner. Therefore, the author practiced the changes of the sixty-four hexagrams in a colloquial way, and arranged various methods in order to enable the students to understand Simple learning. If one can find the law in the books that seem chaotic but are actually orderly, then one can reach the ability of the junior students of this sect. I hope that through the publication of this book, the general public’s views on Feng Shui can be changed, which is really a good policy. The author tries to use various methods to express the importance of this tactic of combating evil spirits in the practice, and also hopes that students with wisdom roots can find out the clues through this, and then research and develop a new field of geomancy. The principles of geomanticism are alive, not static, and its characteristics of adapting measures to different places, people, and events are very diverse. If you want to successfully gain a foothold in the Feng Shui field, you must have extensive research and practice in order to gain more experience and insights.

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